Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP) of Diponegoro University carried out a work program in the month of Ramadan 1443 H, one of which was by organizing a Mass Circumcision “Khitan Ceria” which took place at the Pratama Hasna Clinic, on Sunday (17/4). This activity is a tangible manifestation of DWP Undip’s dedication to the community which is a series of commemoration of the 58th Kartini Day.

“Today is a happy day because DWP Undip can carry out activities in the month of Ramadan, a very noble and blessed month. We are also very grateful to DWP Undip who always carries out social service activities including this mass circumcision event. The number of participants who took part in the “Khitan Ceria” event was 10 children. With gratitude, of course, it will add to the enjoyment and Insyaallah, you will get a double blessing. I hope that all of the children will become pious children, who will later become leaders of the country for the greatness of homeland and family,” said the Chair of DWP Undip, Asih Yos Johan Utama S.H., C.N.

Meanwhile, Rihan as the parent of the “Khitan Ceria” participants expressed his gratitude to the DWP Undip. “I feel helped by this mass circumcision activity, especially with the clamp circumcision method, so far we have known traditional and laser circumcision. The hope is that this method will become more popular in the community so that it eliminates the thought that circumcision is sick,” he said. (Lin – Public Relations)