“Processing Lime Leaves (Citrus aurantifolia) and Cinnamon (Cinnamomum burmannii) as Anti-Insomnia Drinks were the topics I presented during the selection of Outstanding Students at the Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences (FPP), Diponegoro University. The reason is because health is an interesting topic to discuss, moreover I am a student majoring in Food Technology. I want to use the knowledge I gained in college to create products with high selling points. Not only does it have a high selling value, but it also has health benefits because it is made from natural ingredients without any artificial preservatives,” said I Kadek Hari Kesuma, 2nd Winner of Outstanding Students (Mawapres) at FPP Undip.

“Recently, I am also preparing for a business plan competition. One of the competitions I am currently preparing for is the Tarumanagara Start-Up Summit Expo 2022 which is held by Tarumanagara University. In addition to participating in competitions, I am active in the International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences (IAAS) Local Committees Undip as a Staff for Science and Technology (STD), UKM Minerva Research Club FPP as Staff in Education, and UKM Hindu Dharma Student Families (KMHD) Undip as Media and Communication Staff,” he continued.

Kadek Hari said that the most difficult problem in college is time management. He was almost late in submitting a business plan proposal file because he was not optimal in managing time. Becoming an outstanding student certainly requires good time management. Meanwhile, what he does to overcome these problems is to make a schedule of activities every day. If you have set a schedule well, you only need to go through it sequentially so that all the agendas that have been set can be achieved and no more time is wasted.

“The younger generation must increase their insight from the knowledge gained in lectures and from outside lectures. Successful people are people who have the ability to absorb various knowledge from all media and apply it to solve problems that exist in the surrounding environment. In addition to increasing knowledge, we must also expand our relationships by actively organizing. The benefit of the organization for students is to learn leadership and also improve the ability to communicate with others. In addition, by joining the organization, we can also expand our network and socialize with other people,” said the student majoring in Food Technology. (Lin – Public Relations)