Gathering can be done anywhere and anytime. Especially at the moment of Ramadan fasting, breaking fast is one of the mandatory agendas to strengthen friendship. This was realized in the Iftar together event of the Alumni Association (IKA) of Diponegoro University (Undip).

Located at the Secretariat of DPP IKA Undip, Menteng Jakarta, the activity, which was initiated by Abdul Kadir Karding (Fisheries ‘92), received a positive response from Akhmad Muqowam (General Chair of the DPP IKA Undip) and other alumni. Raising the theme of “Iftar Together IKA Undip”, this Iftar event was attended by more than 100 alumni ranging from the older generation, seniors, and young alumni, as well as their families. The happy atmosphere and old memories returned to the alumni.

Alhamdulillah, this activity was attended by various alumni, ranging from seniors, the representatives namely Mr. Soeharsojo from Class of ‘60, as well as Mr. Gunaeni and Mr. Kodradi from Class of ‘62. From our generation, there is Noor Rachamad (Class of ‘79), and many more,” said Karding, Chair of IKA Kerapu.

The main goals of this event are to strengthen the relationship, to be a place to get to know each other between generations of Undip alumni and to build networks. This activity was filled with various activities, such as a short lecture to embrace the meaning of fasting month, remarks from the Chair of the event and the Chairperson of the DPP IKA Undip.

Alhamdulillah we have met the month of fasting, let’s make this month full of mercy for us. As alumni, we must support each other not only for the advancement of our alma mater, but also for the role of our alumni in building this country,” said Karding.

The excitement that seemed to have no end was felt when alumni brought up past experiences. There are those who tell their experiences during college, their first experience of looking for a job, and much more. Through this activity, Karding, who is also a member of the Indonesian House of Representatives, hoped that the blessings of fasting can be felt by all members, that friendships will continue to be established, and will pave the way for the formation of alumni collaboration. “I hope that fellow alumni can strengthen relations, and even produce collaborations that are beneficial for alumni and the country,” concluded Karding.

Photo & news source: IKA UNDIP