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SEU of Faculty of Humanities UNDIP Collaborated with the British Council

In order to develop language service programs, SEU (Service English Unit) continues to seek to establish partnerships with various related parties. After previously undergoing various stages of collaboration, today (11/05/2022) SEU FIB Undip signed a cooperation contract with the British Council, an international foundation that focuses on teaching English, testing, and developing teacher’s skills. Later this collaboration will take the form of a computer-based IELTS test.

In her remarks at today’s forum, Dr. Nurhayati, M. Hum. (Dean of the Faculty of Humanities Undip), expressed her joy. “We welcome this prospective collaboration. Actually SEU and the British Council are experiencing rendezvous. In the process of its establishment, SEU has collaborated with the British Council,” said Dr. Nurhayati.

In line with that, the Country Director of the British Council, Hugh Moffatt, said that as part of the best universities, SEU has an important role in this collaboration.

Present at the Agreement Signing Ceremony session today were the Dean of FIB Undip and her staff, SEU FIB Manager, country director, chairman, secretary, regional exams, and senior business exams of the British Council. At the end of the activity, Rifka Pratama (Chairman of SEU FIB Undip), conveyed that in the future this computer-based IELTS test will target students and the public. It is hoped that the linguistic services provided by SEU can further develop and benefit the community.

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