“Aspects of research that have good value include contextual, following scientific research principles, not cornering any party or community group, beneficial for many parties as well as being objective and transparent,” said Yohan Wahyu (Researcher on Research and Development/R&D Harian Kompas Jakarta) in the Guest Lecture event on Polling and Public Opinion Subjects held by the Department of Political and Governance Sciences, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Diponegoro University (10/5).

The event moderated by Dr. Nur Hidayat Sardini, S.Sos., M.Si (Chairman of the Department of Political and Governance Sciences FISIP Undip) raised the theme “Research Methods Polls, Surveys, Exit Poll, and Quick Counts”.

Furthermore, Yohan Wahyu conveyed that the data collection method could be carried out by telephone because it is descriptive, fast to get responses to developing public issues, and connected to households owning telephones (generally the upper-middle class and information literate community). In addition, data can be obtained from direct face-to-face interviews (relatively long, in-depth, revealing latent phenomena, explanation/causality, evaluation, predictive, and household/individual from lower to upper class).

“While the characteristics of a good research questionnaire are clear and use simple, concise, specific, answerable language, have relevance to the respondent, do not use negative sentences, avoid using biased terminology, avoid asking two things at once in a question, and does not lead respondents to certain answers,” he explained. (Lin – Public Relations)