At the 166th Graduation Ceremony which was held offline at the Prof. Soedarto Building, Diponegoro University (Undip) Tembalang Campus from 17 to 20 May 2022, Undip inaugurated 1,504 graduates, which include 25 people of Doctoral program, 197 people of Masters program, 50 people of Specialists, 56 people of Professionals, 1,097 people of Bachelors,17 people of Applied Bachelors and 62 people of Diploma.

Vice Rector I for Academic and Student Affairs, Prof. Faisal, S.E., M.Sc., Ph.D., in his report said that there were 6 graduates from the Double Degree program. The graduates included Dimas Darmawansyah, David Raymond Parlindungan who graduated with a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from Technische Universität Berlin Germany, Wahyu Ida Arinta br Togarorop, Fransiska graduated from a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from Technische Universität Darmstadt Germany.

Other students, Arga Geofana, a graduate of Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from Technische Universität München Germany, and Muhammad Emyr Gunawan Rahmatul, a Bachelor of Management from Saxion University Netherlands. The Double Degree Program is a double degree obtained from Diponegoro University and from universities in Indonesia or other universities abroad in the context of collaborative development of a study program and awarded two diplomas.

Prof. Faisal added that with the double degree obtained, graduates have global competitiveness because they gain experience in being part of a global society and have cross-cultural competence as well as the ability to adapt to new environments.

Meanwhile, there are also 3 graduates who are international students, namely Narcisse Musafili from Rwanda who graduated from the Master of Epidemiology, Godlove Dismas Ngowella from Tanzania who graduated from the Master of Management, and Ehsanullah Oria from Afghanistan.

Diponegoro University also opens an International Class for the IUP (International Undergraduate Program). The IUP admission path is designed as a special class with English as a medium of communication in all campus activities. The IUP class is designed to produce graduates who are globally competitive and provide the widest possible opportunities for prospective national and international students.