The 2022 UTBK-SBMPTN which was held at Diponegoro University (Undip) on the third day (Thursday, 19/5) went smoothly, there were no obstacles or problems. It was running according to predetermined standards both in terms of implementation of tests, implementation of health protocols, and exam security systems to prevent cheating. The health team from Diponegoro National Hospital also seemed to be on duty at two UTBK locations, namely the Tembalang campus and the Pleburan campus.

The implementation of the 2022 UTBK is very tight, even anticipating fraud. Several efforts to anticipate exam cheating, namely the implementation of regulation for participants before participants enter the exam room, including inspections using metal detectors. The supervisors reminded UTBK participants not to cheat, cheat, joke and so on, if such violations occur, they will be recorded in the Record of Exam Violations (BAPU).

Meanwhile, the UTBK participants who took the exam at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences and the Faculty of Humanities Undip were so enthusiastic, such as arriving on time and following the exam rules. When carrying out the exam in the room, the participants looked organized, focused on doing exam questions, excited and confident when doing the test.

After taking the UTBK exam, UTBK participants are asked to re-check the identity and answers that have been filled in before “clicking” the end button of the exam. UTBK participants are not allowed to continue working and remain seated until the bell that signals the end of the exam rang. UTBK participants can leave the exam venue after being given instructions by the exam supervisor. (Lin – Public Relations)