Graduating from college on time with cum laude predicate is a dream for final year students. In addition, graduating with cum laude predicate is something to be proud of for yourself and your parents. This is what is being felt by a cum laude graduate from Diponegoro University (Undip) named Anung Riyanti.

The girl, who is usually called Anung, officially graduated on Thursday (19/05) at Prof. Soedarto Building, Undip Tembalang Campus in the 166th Graduation period which was held offline on May 17-20, 2022. She successfully graduated with a 3.88 GPA from the International Relations Study Program, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP), Diponegoro University.

Anung’s journey at Undip began in 2018 when she was successfully accepted through the SNMPTN path. She chose the Undip FISIP International Relations Study Program as her first choice. In addition to attending lectures at Undip, Anung also participated in several competitions, organizations, and committees. With all the business that Anung lived in, she still managed to finish her studies on time.

“The most difficult struggle during college was managing my study time with other activities. I felt that the 5th semester was very heavy. At that time I participated in several competitions, organizations, committees, and lectures were busy, and at the same time I had to take care of my sick family members. However, thank God I managed to graduate in 3 years 7 months with academic achievements which I think are quite satisfactory,” explained Anung when contacted by the Undip Public Relations team, on Sunday (15/04).

“Besides studying, I like to make simple projects, one of which is the podcast available on Spotify and Anchor with my college friends. I also enjoy doing part time jobs according to my talents. Since semester 1 I had the opportunity to do a part time job as a music therapist at SLB Putra Mandiri, for approximately 2 years. Besides that, I also often accept freelance jobs such as designing booklets, yearbooks, posters, etc. I also built a small thrifting business called The Answear which just started in 2022 with 2 of my partners. The thing that makes me happy to work is that it can enrich myself because I am in an environment of workers who have many different experiences,” she said.

In addition, the girl who was born on June 10, 2000 is also active in organization at the faculty level, campus events, being a lecturer assistant, mentoring PKM, and participating in various competitions. She is also active in participating in the Soccer and Football Student Activity Units as well as Music at faculty level. She was a young attache at the Student Association of the Department of International Relations, as well as being a committee member at an international campus event, namely the International Conference on Indonesian Social & Political Inquiries.

In the midst of her activities, Anung enjoys participating in competitions such as essay writing, business plan competition, scientific writing competitions, PKM, etc. The following are the national competition championships that Anung participated in while studying at Undip:

  •  2019 UNDIP Student Scientific Week Finalist
  • 2nd Place Women’s Futsal Limajumsip UNDIP 2019
  • Finalist of the LKTIN Student Council of UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya in 2020
  • Finalist of the 2020 Indonesia Marketing Association Marketing Competition
  • 1st Place in Essay Competition GMNI FISIP UNDIP 2021
  • 1st Place LKTIN Cruise Ship Engineering, Hasanuddin University 2021
  • 2nd Place in the Scientific Poster Creation Competition in Chemical Engineering 2021
  • rd Place LKTIN Resummit SRE UPN Yogyakarta 2021
  • 1st place in the Student Poster Competition about Maritime Developments in the Archipelago of Shipping Engineering, Kalimantan Institute of Technology 2022

“If you look closely, my competition is not clearly related to the major I’m taking, but I try to apply the knowledge I get in every competition. IR is an interdisciplinary science and I am interested in the field of energy within IR, this is what makes me often participate in Energy Summits and competitions on clean and renewable energy innovation,” said the graduate who was born in Blora.

“I want to be a human who has a good impact on society with the knowledge I gained while studying at Undip. The message for Undip’s young generation, including myself, is to always maintain integrity, be willing to work hard and be productive, and explore many things. The younger generation must be better at innovating and do not let the ability of the younger generation lose and be replaced by technology. In addition, we need to maintain noble values as Indonesian people in doing anything useful, maybe by creating a non-profit humanitarian project or creating our own business,” she concluded.