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The 2 Gold Medals Won by UNDIP Students Glorified Indonesia’s Name at the 2021 SEA Games

The student of Marine Science, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Diponegoro University (UNDIP), Rezza Octavia, successfully achieved two gold medals at the 2021 SEA Games (Wednesday, 18/5) at the Hanoi National Sport Training Center, Hanoi, Vietnam. Her victory at the Southeast Asian multi-event championship which made Indonesian feel proud is in the archery branch of Mixed Team Recurve and individual recurve numbers (Final Women’s Individual Recurve).

The first gold medal was obtained during the mixed team recurve match (Mixed Team Recurve). Rezza paired with a senior Indonesian athlete named Riau Ega Agata Salsabilla and managed to beat representatives from Malaysia with a score of 6-2.

After completing the mixed team match, Rezza Octavia again continued to compete in the Women’s Individual Recurve final against the representative athlete of Thailand, Narisara Khunhiranchaiyo. Her stunning performance resulted in a landslide victory by achieving a perfect score of 6-0.

Even though she did not have much time to rest, only 30 minutes from the completion of the mixed team match to the individual event, she managed to overcome her nervousness by staying focused on mastering her archery concentration. After confirming the acquisition of two gold medals, Rezza Octavia, who is a 2021 SEA Games debutant, admitted that she was very proud because she had succeeded in meeting her personal target.

Rezza Octavia’s achievements were noticed when she joined the 2021 National Sports Week (PON) at Papua and achieved 1 (one) silver medal, as well as her participation in international competitions including the 2022 Archery World Cup in Antalya, Turkey. She shared her memorable experience making her first appearance at the 2021 SEA Games in Vietnam, “I was very happy and excited to take part in the Sea Games, I even won a gold medal.” Furthermore, Rezza Octavia mentioned the secret of her success when competing in many competitions, “Never give up, push yourself to the limit, don’t forget to pray.”

The Indonesian archery team has won a total of four gold and one silver medals from the 2021 Vietnam SEA Games. Two other gold medals for the Indonesian archery team were obtained from the Men’s Team Recurve and Men’s Individual Recurve numbers. Thus, the Indonesian archery team has succeeded in meeting the expectation to bring home four gold medals from the 2021 SEA Games. (Diah – Public Relations)

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