“We sincerely apologize for every mistake, hopefully what we have done would be a good deed during the month of Ramadan, and be accepted and get a reward from Allah. RSND will continue to develop services to be better in the future. We hope that this momentum will be both self-reflection and forgiveness. With halal bi halal, we can open the door of grace and blessing,” said the President Director of the Diponegoro National Hospital (RSND), Diponegoro University, Dr. dr. Sutopo Patria Jati, M.M., M.Kes. in his remarks at the Halal bi Halal event of the Civitas Hospitalia RSND Undip, on Wednesday (11/5).

Present to give tausiyah, KH. Yahya Al Mutamakkin, Coordinator of the Madinah Munawaroh Islamic Boarding School. In his tausiyah, he conveyed that halal bi halal is the uniqueness of Indonesian culture, so it needs to be preserved as one of the characteristics of the archipelago. In halal bi halal there is a sharia for friendship, the meeting of family members and maintaining good relationships is a part of worship. These are the essential values of halal bi halal.

“In providing service is with love, people with love are people who are able to love others who don’t deserve to be loved but still manage to love them. That’s what needs to be strengthened in our lives, how we spread love and affection to everyone. May Allah help all RSND employees to have loving attitudes because serving with love and compassion is beautiful. In addition to giving good hopes to others or bringing good news, for example, doctors give hope and enthusiasm to their patients.

“Let’s give service to patients or people by not lying because lying is something bad that the prophets hate. Honesty will bring blessings while lies will definitely bring bad luck. After fasting for 30 days and focusing on worshiping Allah in the month of Ramadan, we are expected to become pious people, namely those who are able to defeat ego and lust, to be obedient to Allah and His Messenger. This is the essence of the results of fasting where the goal is to educate people to become pious. Hopefully this halal bi halal event will increase faith, knowledge, goodness, blessings, and glory,” concluded KH. Yahya Al Mutamakkin. (Lin – Public Relations)

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