Semarang (14/6) – International Office (IO) of Diponegoro University (UNDIP) held an Online Meeting with IISMAVO (Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards Vocational Edition) 2022 on Tuesday, June 14, 2022 online via the Zoom meeting platform. IISMAVO 2022 is an international scholarship program for Indonesian students under the auspices of the Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia aimed for vocational students throughout Indonesia. This scholarship program with the tagline “learning collaboration with industry” aims to provide opportunities for vocational students to hone critical thinking skills, become leaders, and expand networking; collaborate directly with universities and industry abroad; and the implementation of the Free Learning Independent Campus (MBKM) program.

This online meeting was attended by IO Undip and 8 Undip vocational students who became IISMAVO Awardees 2022. These students have been announced to have passed the IISMAVO 2022 selection in April 2022 and are currently preparing to leave for host universities, including Coventry University, UK; Yuan Ze University, Taiwan; IU International University of Applied Science, Germany; Minghsin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan; City of Glaslow College, UK; University of Nottingham, UK; and the University of Technology, Malaysia. The Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia covers registration and study fees, travel tickets and VISA, housing and accommodation costs, PCR tests and health insurance, and emergency funds for IISMAVO Awardees 2022.

While studying at a host university in one semester (4-6 months), vocational students choose one of three learning schemes, namely Scheme A, Industrial Experience Program (focusing on industry, for example internships, work placements, industrial projects); Scheme B, Class-Based Learning + Industrial Experiences (a combination of classroom learning programs and industrial experiences, such as short-term internships, industrial case studies, company visits), and Scheme C, Class-Based Learning (classroom learning with industry-related content, e.g. partially taught by practitioners).

Anggun Puspitarini Siswanto, S.T., Ph.D. as the Head of IO Undip said that this online meeting was held so that IO Undip and Undip students who were selected as IISMAVO Awardees 2022 could get to know each other more closely, and also monitor how far the preparation of the participants in preparing documents and things needed before departure. “IISMAVO Awardees 2022 is the first IISMA program held for vocational students and the program has just started this year, so it is important to pay attention to all requirements so that there are no problems on the way. Communication is very important, so don’t miss information from the Ministry of Education and Culture,” said Anggun.

Regarding the conversion of credits, it is the policy of each study program so students need to communicate with the Head of the Study Program and the guardian lecturer. In some universities, IISMAVO Awardees 2022 students may not get an academic certificate because they do not study full time at the university, instead they will get an institutional certificate.

“Always update on the latest information, because this is a new program so there must be ambiguous information. The most accurate information can be accessed on the IISMA website. Document preparation is very important, but mental preparation is no less important. You need to adapt in a new country and also with the program you are participating in. Prepare mentally if there is a delay in departure, considering that currently Covid-19 is still a pandemic. I hope you have a smooth trip and have fun,” said Anggun at the end of the event. (Titis – Public Relations)