Every parent wants their child to grow well and optimally. When children grow up well, parents will feel relieved and happy. No wonder parents will always monitor every second of their child’s development, even since they were still in the womb.

According to dr. Dimas Tri Anantyo, Sp. A, Pediatrician at Diponegoro National Hospital, (RSND) Diponegoro University (Undip), there are three main pillars that children need to support their optimal growth and development, namely nutrition, stimulation, and affection. These three things are very important to ensure the development of children.

“The first is nutrition, the nutrition that children get from the time of conception, fertilization to growth, pregnancy, and the first two years of life after birth is a golden period where nutrition plays an important role to ensure optimal brain growth of children. If a child does not grow, the abnormality will have an impact which will affect the quality of a child’s growth in the future,” he said.

“Second, strong stimulation will help encourage the growth and development process. Third, love really guarantees the quality of growth and development. If children can grow up in an environment with enough love, the good environment will be able to shape the quality of how children behave, to solve problems, to find solutions, so that children become wiser,” continued dr. Dimas.

According to him, as a parent as well as a health service provider, we will certainly not stop and continue to provide the best to ensure and protect the growth and development of children. We will give as best as possible to them in order to provide a brighter future for children and for the progress of a country.

“We must not give up on ensuring that children can grow and develop according to their genetic potential,” concluded dr. Dimas. (Lin – Public Relations)

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