Diponegoro University (Undip) students have again succeeded in making achievements on the national level. Joined in the DART Team, namely Muhammad Alfarizzi Salvikran (FT, Naval Engineering 2018), Bangun Damar Tyasto (FT, Naval Engineering 2018), and Anung Riyanti (FISIP Alumni, International Relations 2018), won first place in 2 different competitions namely the 2022 Scientific Writing Competition (LKTI) and the Poster Competition at the Etam Ship Competition (ESC) which was held on May 13-15, 2022 by the Naval Engineering Study Program, the Kalimantan Institute of Technology.

The theme of the 2022 ESC activity is “BORNEO PARADISE (The Beauty of Nusantara (IKN) and Its Huge of Potential: Natural Resources as Indonesia’s SDGs Future). The branches in the competition are divided into 2 levels, namely for the student level and the SMA/K level equivalent. There are 4 competitions held at 2022 ESC, namely the Unmanned Fast Boat Competition, Scientific Writing Competition, Poster Competition, and Essay Competition.

Representing the DART team, Anung Riyanti revealed that there had been quite a long preparation for the 2022 ESC activities. Various research and preparations had been carried out to create an innovation related to renewable energy from maritime resources. “Our research is carried out together with various credible sources in the form of journals and official reports. We learned a lot from time management and the importance of intense discussion from previous competitions.” he said.

In this hybrid competition, the Undip DART Team carried the theme “Ocean Wave Power Plant with E-Coe Wave Energy Converter Equipped with Water Quality Meter”. This research is based on a case study in Nias Regency. The place was chosen because based on Presidential Decree No. 63 of 2020 Nias Regency is an underdeveloped area and has a low electrification ratio, thus hampering community activities.

E-Coe wave energy converter is a technology for ocean wave power plant (PLTGL) which is able to convert wave energy into electrical energy equipped with a water quality meter. There are several advantages of E-Coe, namely:

  • Environmentally friendly polyethylene material
  • E-Coe maintenance is easy
  • Does not generate waste
  • Generates a large amount of electricity
  • Equipped with a sea water quality detection tool for the fisheries sector

The E-Coe wave energy converter is capable of producing 23,393 kW/m2 of electrical power or 175.1 kW/m². In addition, for the movement of this tool weighing 30.47 kg it has the highest RAO at 0.364, then for the vertical acceleration value it reaches 77,020 cm/s². Then for the wave spectrum of the encounter frequency, the highest value is 1,416,476 cm² and the m0 value is 2,408 m².

Thanks to this innovation, the DART Team managed to get first place in 2 competitions at once, namely the Scientific Writing Competition (LKTI) and the Poster Competition. “We feel very happy and grateful. Our efforts were not in vain and the results were quite satisfactory. Coincidentally, this competition was also the last competition for one of the DART members because he had completed his studies at Undip, so this unexpected result became a source of pride for him. However, we are still never satisfied and will continue to try to be productive for the next competitions.” said Anung.

The results achieved by the DART team relay a message for Undip students to continue to be enthusiastic about seeking knowledge and learning many things, as well as remaining productive by participating in positive activities. “Do not forget to maintain integrity as a student since it is also important. Use the available free time to study, compete, and try to achieve achievements from the knowledge you have gained during college. The benefits of this achievement are not only felt by you, but also become a source of pride for your alma mater.” concluded Anung.

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