PAUD Permata Diponegoro University (Undip) has just held a Farewell Event for Kindergarten B Student and PAUD Permata Undip Art Performance for the Academic Year of  2021/2022, on Saturday (18/06) at the KWU Building Floor 4, Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Undip Tembalang campus. The events were held offline for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic.

This event was attended by the Undip Rector, Advisors and Management of PAUD Permata Undip, Deputy Head of the Undip Business Management, Commercial Business and Risk Analysis Agency (BP UBIKAR), Head of Bank Mandiri KCP Semarang Undip, Head of BTN KCP Semarang Undip, Kindergarten Supervisors in Tembalang District, PAUD Supervisors in Tembalang District, Head of IGTKI and Himapaudi in Tembalang District, PAUD Permata Undip Principal and Teachers, parents and guardians of PAUD Permata Undip, and PAUD Permata Undip students.

In his speech, Undip Rector, Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, S.H., M.Hum., said that PAUD Permata Undip has provided students with character, faith, piety, trust, concern for others, and tolerance. Since it is all basic education and becomes an important part as the formation of behavior and morals for students.

“We can confirm that PAUD Permata Undip provides character development, faith, piety, trustworthiness, I think it’s important. The students are also taught to be concerned for others and have a high tolerance attitude. We never know, students who have graduated will later make our country better and more prosperous.” explained Prof. Yos.

On this occasion, Prof. Yos expressed his gratitude to the Management and Teachers of PAUD Permata Undip who had given their knowledge to the students. “The results I see are of good quality. Most of the children who graduate today can read and write. For this achievement, I would like to thank all the teachers and management staff who have given their knowledge. Trust me, every letter written by these children will be a reward for all of you, the teachers.” he said.

Undip remains committed continuing to improve the quality of services at PAUD Permata Undip. “The quality of service to students will be improved as well as the communication services with parents of students. Undip is committed to support the sustainability and improvement of PAUD Permata Undip for the better advancement.” concluded Prof. Yos.

Meanwhile, PAUD Permata Undip Principal, Sri Sedyaningrum conveyed that children’s happiness is a shared responsibility and children’s happiness does not only depend on material things, but with warmth and affection in their environment.

In addition, children are the greatest gift for the family because these children will be the hope and successor of ideals. “Let us all understand the meaning of how we care for children and the meaning of education for our children. Children are the main investment for the family because the prayers of our children will be our light forever.” Sri Sedyaningrum explained.

Furthermore, Sri Sedyaningrum explained that this graduation procession was a form of appreciation for the development of children. “On behalf of the teachers and all PAUD Permata Undip educators, I would like to congratulate the parents who today witnessed their beloved sons and daughters growing into healthy children, have been able to socialize well, have noble character, are confident, and have shown their potential and talents. Hopefully with this we can set a good example for our children.” she said.

“Thank you so much for the trust of the parents to entrust their children to PAUD Permata Undip. This school that we love is a school organized by Undip and always gets the best attention and facilities from the Undip Leaders. We thank the Rector for always paying attention to PAUD Permata Undip.” concluded Sri Sedyaningrum.

In this farewell event, there were 20 students who graduated, consisting of 12 girls and 8 boys. In addition to the graduation procession, the event was also livened up with several art performances from PAUD Permata Undip students.