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DWP UNDIP Held Recitation with Theme of Spiteful Behavior in terms of Religion and Medical

In her remarks, the Head of Dharma Wanita Persatuan Diponegoro University, Asih Budiastuti Yos Johan Utama said that the DWP Undip is always active in organizing activities and every month carrying out routine recitations as a form of the DWP Undip work program. She hoped that this activity will provide great benefits on how to avoid spiteful behavior both medically and religiously.

“Hopefully we are all always healthy, DPW Undip continues to be enthusiastic about carrying out activities and of course today’s event runs smoothly and gets answers about spiteful behavior and efforts to prevent it,” said the Chair of the DWP Undip.

In the material, dr. Fathur Nur Kholis, SpPD-KP as a resource person said that the heart has a role in controlling all dimensions of our body’s health, both physically and spiritually.

“How the condition of our hearts can be considered as sick or healthy depends on the indicators. This indicator is determined based on the diagnosis. If you are physically fit, the person who diagnoses is a health worker or doctor. But if the unhealthy one is spiritual or behavioral, the one who makes a diagnosis is a psychiatrist. More specifically, the religious teachers who can provide enlightenment, in addition to the consultants who are proficient in spiritual problems to be enforcers of the diagnosis of disorders in our spiritual or heart problems. Parental support also plays an important role,” explained dr. Fathur.

“Spiritual disorders and mental disorders are similar but not identical, when spiritual disorders are related to the dimensions of monotheism, worship, muamalah or social dimensions, while mental illnesses such as People in Mental Disorders experience personality disorders, depression, and psychosis,” he continued.

“Imam Ghazali classified hearts into three groups, namely healthy heart, sick heart, and dead heart. A person who has a healthy heart is like having a healthy body. He will function optimally, able to sort and choose every plan of action so that every thing he does has actually passed the right calculation based on his conscience,” concluded dr. Fathur. (Lin – Public Relations)

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