Fira Candra Kartika and Zahdina Nur Afiyat are a pair of friends who come from the same high school, namely from SMAN 1 Banjarnegara. Their happiness increased after knowing that they had passed the Joint Entrance Selection of State Universities (SBMPTN) at Diponegoro University. Fira registered at the Department of English Literature, Faculty of Humanities, while Zahdina registered at the Faculty of Public Health. Although they pursue studies in different majors and faculties, of course, the friendship continues at the university level.

“Undip is my dream university. I often do research on state universities in Indonesia, and I get many testimonies that many Undip graduates are accepted fast in the world of work. This is proof that I should not doubt Undip about the quality of its education and teaching staff. For me, Undip is the best place to be able to develop myself and learn according to my interests and talents,” said Fira.

“I am very happy and grateful because I was given the opportunity to be one of Undip’s new student candidates. Undip is one of the leading universities in Indonesia and is a favorite campus for many people. I registered at the English Literature study program because I like studying literature and culture and I am interested in fluent communication in foreign languages,” she continued.

“Education is not just about getting a degree. There is something more important, namely the process we go through while learning, experience and valuable lessons about life for us to learn. So, never hesitate to study as much as possible,” said Fira.

In line with Fira, Zahdina Nur Afiyat said that many Undip graduates have proven their abilities in various fields. In addition, Undip has a complete department with adequate facilities and excellent accreditation.

“I am also very grateful to be given the opportunity to add and deepen my knowledge, especially in the health sector which I am really interested in. I feel happy to be a part of Undip students, especially in the major I chose, namely Public Health. I am interested in working in the health sector because it has high job prospects. In addition, living in an environment where awareness of disease prevention is still lacking makes me more confident about the choice of majors,” she explained.

“Education is not just about the length of study, the high degree, or the place where we seek knowledge, but also how we get that knowledge and how to apply it in life so that it will be useful for those around us,” concluded Zahdina. (Lin – Public Relations)