Diponegoro University held an online Independent Examination (Ujian Mandiri/UM) from June 30 to July 8, 2022. The UM Undip admission path uses a combined method of portfolio and online Scholastic Potential Test (TPS). UM Undip includes three paths, namely the KIP admission path for underprivileged groups as evidenced by ownership of the KIP (Smart Indonesia Card) which then decided to be included in UKT Groups 1-3 without SPI. The second path is the Regular Line, the payment includes the highest UKT and SPI according to the group choice (1 or 2), and the third is the Partnership Path (for the public), the payment includes the highest UKT and SPI above group 2. As for the choice of study program groups, namely SAINTEK with 2 choices of study programs (there are 35 of Science and Technology Undergraduate Study Programs at Tembalang Campus and 1 Nursing Undergraduate Study Program at Jepara Campus); SOSHUM with 2 choices of study programs (there are 18 of Social Humanities Study Programs at Tembalang Campus and 1 Law Undergraduate Study Program at Jepara Campus); and MIX with 1 choice of SAINTEK study program and 1 choice of SOSHUM study program.

Secretary of the Education Quality Assurance and Development Institute (LP2MP), Dr. Paramita Prananingtyas, S.H., LLM said that for Undip UM registrants there were 34,103 participants while the UM’s capacity was 50% with the test material covering the Scholastic Potential Test (TPS) which included numeric, verbal, reasoning and English tests.

To attract public interest in Undip, LP2MP and several Deans of faculties have also implemented outreach and promotion programs in several cities outside Java. The results are very significant in increasing the number of enthusiasts who want to enter Undip.

“Don’t panic about the network, Undip’s network is very optimal, participants only need to look for a stable and strong network. Don’t rely on tethering on mobile phones because it looks like there will be a lot of problems so you have to use good access such as a wifi network. Next, do the exam questions calmly, be relaxed and optimistic,” he said.

On the first day of implementation, the supervisors conveyed the rules that must be obeyed by the UM participants, including the participants must turn on the Zoom camera/video during the exam, are prohibited from leaving Zoom during the exam, are prohibited from engaging in jockeying, dishonest acts, and committing other cheating, must working on exam questions on time and based on the given time allocation, and must ensure that the wifi network or quota is sufficient for doing the online exams.

The participants must not join Zoom late, must pay attention to the participant’s number to be able to log in, are prohibited to not willing to show identity cards, must not make suspicious movements such as mouth movements, eye movements and other body movements, walking around during the test, must be willing to turn on the camera/video of Zoom. If there is a suspicious movement from the participant, the supervisor has the right to give a warning up to three times for the participant to continue the exam. (Lin – Public Relations)

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