Eyes are windows to the world whose health needs to be maintained from an early age. Eye health problems can cause activity disorders, including in children. Eye conditions that are less than optimal in children can hinder the academic, social, and hobby side. This is because vision plays an important role in children’s physical, cognitive and social development. Therefore, it is important for parents to take care of their children’s eye health. One of the important things parents can do to maintain the health of their children’s eyes is to check with the doctor regularly.

In the talk show held by PKRS RSND on Thursday, June 23, 2022, dr. Arnila Novitasari Saubig, Sp.M(K) as the speaker discussed the importance of having an early eye check up. According to her, holidays are the right time for parents to take their children for an eye check up.

It is good for parents to check their children’s eye health from an early age. Many children complain of things related to their eyes because children are shy or reluctant to tell their parents. Delaying the examination is fatal. It is like plant roots, if the eye nerves are not stimulated properly, nerve growth can slow down or even stop. In this case, glasses are a tool to maximize the function of vision. If you do not have glasses, lazy eyes and cross eyes can occur.

Furthermore, eye health is influenced by genetic factors, parents who wear glasses tend to have children who also wear glasses. In addition to genetics, there are also influences from lifestyle, such as the habit of playing with gadgets which can later reduce the function of vision or the accommodation power of the eye. The power of accommodation of the eye is the ability to thicken and thin the eye lens when we see an object.

Eye disease that often occurs in children and should be a concern for parents is minus eye. We often encounter children who are ashamed to wear glasses. As a result, if a person with minus eye does not wear glasses, the minus eye size can increase. Dr. Arnila said that currently there are many variants of glasses with various models, and of course apart from being a minus eye therapy, they are also part of the style.

“If you have 8 hours of non-stop work in front of a screen, you can use eye drops to help moisturize it. But it is necessary to be consulted first, to be screened at the eye clinic to get appropriate eye drops and minimal side effects. If you buy it carelessly, it will have the potential to have side effects such as cataracts, glaucoma, and more severe eye infections because if you buy eye drops at the pharmacy, you may get the wrong medicine,” conveyed dr. Arnila.

Especially for children, it is hoped that they will not watch something on their cell phone, move it to the television so that their eyes are kept at a distance. If there are demands for work in front of the screen, you can use eye drops to prevent dry eyes. It is very important to take care of the eyes, especially for children because these children still have a long way to go,” she added. (Public Relations of RSND / PKRS RSND)