In line with technological developments, currently the health industry is in dire need of nurses, especially now that nurses are also specialized. For prospective students who have an interest in the world of nursing science, Diponegoro University (Undip) has a Bachelor of Nursing Science Study Program at the Teluk Awur Campus, Jepara, which has been accredited A (superior) with a graduate degree in Bachelor of Nursing (S.Kep) and the professional stage is Nurse (Ns).

Nursing science study program is one of the favorite study programs at Undip. This study program is active in producing professional nurses who have COMPLETE personalities (Communicator, Manager & Leader, Educator, Professional Character, Entrepreneur and Thinker) as a manifestation of Undip’s vision for its graduates.

The curriculum developed and implemented is based on an Independent Learning and Independent Campus (MBKM) policy. The core courses studied include basic nursing science and basic nursing concepts, clinical nursing in various fields such as pediatric nursing, maternity nursing, adult nursing, geriatric nursing, community and family nursing, psychiatric nursing, as well as management and leadership in nursing. Profile of graduates as professional providers, community leaders, educators, managers, researchers.

The facilities owned are adequate laboratories, practice in reputable hospitals, adequate achievements and experience of student organizations, and full support for active participation in MBKM programs.

For those who have aspirations to become nurses, welcome to join the Nursing Science Study Program at the Faculty of Medicine Undip. (Lin – Public Relations)