Vocational education can be an option, especially for prospective students who want to directly enter the industry and business world. Vocational education is very well programmed to prepare human resources who are ready to work with a good work ethic. During college, students are formed as academics with various abilities to process and apply scientific theories.

The Vocational School (SV) of Diponegoro University (Undip) has a vision to become a superior and international standard Vocational (Applied) education center. Its missions include providing applied education to produce competent and professional graduates according to the demands of the global world, carrying out applied research and community service as well as collaborating with stakeholders, and creating a conducive learning environment to form professional personalities who are committed to the development and application of knowledge and skills for improving community welfare.

While the aim is to organize applied sciences in higher education at the diploma, bachelor, master, applied doctoral levels that are superior, dignified, have good governance so that they are able to produce professional graduates who are accepted and recognized for their competence by the world of work, both nationally and internationally; to conduct research, and application-based community service supported by human resources as skilled, professional, competent and certified education providers; to implement good administrative management systems: academic, financial, human resources (HR) as well as asset management to be efficient, effective and accountable; and to organize a network of cooperation with the government, educational institutions, and users of graduates both nationally and internationally.

The following is the study programs at Undip Vocational School:

Department of Civil and Planning

  •  Bachelor of Civil Infrastructure Engineering and Architectural Design
  • Bachelor of Spatial Planning and Land Management

Department of Business and Finance

  • Bachelor of Tax accounting
  • Bachelor of Applied Logistics Management and Administration

Department of Industrial Technology

  • Bachelor of Industrial Chemical Engineering Technology
  • Bachelor of Mechanical Design Engineering
  • Bachelor of Automation Engineering Technology
  • Bachelor of Nautical Design and Construction Technology
  • Bachelor of Industrial Electrical Engineering

Department of Information and Culture

  • Bachelor of Applied Foreign Languages
  • Bachelor of Public Relations and Information

Prospective students who have an interest in further studies at Undip Vocational School can prepare the requirements and the registration process from now on. Information about Undip Vocational School can be accessed at https://vokasi.undip.ac.id/ . (Lin – Public Relations)