The Diponegoro University (Undip) campus in Jepara is still developing both in terms of infrastructure and teaching staff. Law Undergraduate Study Program at Undip is now also available at the Teluk Awur Campus, Jepara.

The Law Undergraduate Study Program has been internationally accredited through FIBAA with a Bachelor of Law (S.H) graduate degree. The materials of lectures are compulsory national courses, compulsory university courses, compulsory faculty courses, and compulsory part elective courses. The concentration (Academic field) includes civil law, criminal law, constitutional law, state administrative law, international law, procedural law, the basics of legal science, as well as law and society.

The profile of graduates of the Law Undergraduate Study Program after completing their education in accordance with the field of science/skills of the legal science has “The Seven Star” profile, namely having the ability of Law Policy Maker, Law Problem Solver, Negotiator, Entrepreneur, Communicator, Professional, and Leader. Of course, the competence of graduates is able to apply logical, critical, systematic, and innovative thinking in the context of the development or implementation of science and technology that pays attention to and applies humanities values in accordance with their field of expertise; able to demonstrate independent, quality, and measurable performance; able to examine the implications of the development or implementation of science and technology that pays attention to and applies the values of the humanities in accordance with their expertise based on scientific principles, procedures and ethics in order to produce solutions, ideas, designs or art criticism; compile scientific descriptions of the results of their studies in the form of legal writing or reports final project, and upload it on the college website; and compile a scientific description of the results of the studies mentioned above in the form of legal writing or final project reports.

Studying in Undip’s Department of Law will give you the opportunity to study many important subjects. Are you ready to choose the Law Undergraduate Study Program as a college major? Be passionate to learn and prepare from now on. (Lin – Public Relations)

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