Immunization has a vital role in the growth of children. Children’s growth is influenced by the body’s immunity, which can be obtained through immunization. Immunization aims to protect children against certain diseases that can be prevented by giving immunizations, so that the transmission of disease in children can be reduced and is expected to maximize child growth.

On Thursday, June 30, 2022 PKRS RSND held a Healthy Live Talk Show with a discussion about the importance of child immunization, inviting dr. Mulyono, Sp.A as the speaker. According to him, the government is currently promoting the BIAN (National Child Immunization Month) program with the aim of catching up on immunizations for children during the pandemic, this is because there are still many children who should have done complete immunization but have not received it because many immunization providers are closed. According to dr. Mulyono, the BIAN program or National Child Immunization Month is a good moment to immunize children. Basic immunizations for children are also easy to obtain at health centers and hospitals for free or for a fee.

“There are several kinds of immunizations for babies. Especially for newborns, Hepatitis B-0 immunization can be given which is useful for preventing hepatitis, Polio 1 immunization which is given when the baby is born until one month old, BCG immunization, DPT immunization given when the baby is 2,3 and 4 months old, immunization MR for a 9 month old baby.” he added.

He also conveyed that people should not worry about the side effects of this vaccination or immunization because the benefits of immunization outweigh the bad effects. In Indonesia, regarding the halal basic immunization, it has been tested halal because it does not contain pork-derived ingredients. dr. Mulyono, Sp.A. shared some tips if the child has a fever after immunization, then do not cover the child with a thick blanket, do not apply ice compresses, and if the heat does not subside and it is felt that it is disturbing the child’s activities, then fever-reducing medication can be given.

Message from dr. Mulyono, “Vaccination is a child’s right which is the obligation of parents. Parents are expected to be able to record their child’s vaccination history as well as possible as a gift for their child’s future.” Then he conveyed that parents can succeed in the government’s vaccination program, and parents need not worry because all possible consequences of this vaccination have been taken into account by the government.