The Indonesian Literature Department is a major that will take you much deeper into studying various kinds of literary and cultural studies. The Indonesian Literature Study Program at Diponegoro University (Undip) was founded on September 1, 1965 and became the oldest study program in the Faculty of Humanities, which at that time was named the Department of Indonesiaology.

The Indonesian Literature Study Program has a vision in 2025 to become a Center for Education, Studies, Research, Service, and Development of Language, Literature, Philology, and Coastal Culture. Its mission is to develop the quality of Human Resources through Education, Studies, Research, and Community Service; to produce graduates who are professional and have the ability, as well as skills in the fields of Language, Literature, and Archipelago Culture, especially Coastal Culture; and to develop study programs through the Cultural Laboratory, Language, Literature, Philology based on local wisdom. Meanwhile, the aim of studies is to educate students to have professional knowledge and expertise as researchers, as well as practitioners of culture, language, literature, and philology; educate students to have professional knowledge and expertise in the fields of language, literature, and philology; educate students to become scientists with local, national, and global perspectives; and educate students to have hard skills and soft skills in the fields of language, literature, and philology.

Currently, it has been internationally accredited by FIBAA and accredited A by Ban-PT with a Bachelor of Literature (S.S.) graduate degree. Graduates of the Indonesian Literature Study Program are equipped with unique skills relevant to careers in various job opportunities that promote creativity and critical analysis. Graduates have the potential to work as researchers in the fields of language, physiology; teachers from basic education to tertiary education levels in the fields of culture, literature, language; cultural administrators; journalistic actors (journalists, expert editors); publishers; broadcasters and film actors; leaders of government institutions, BUMN, and NGOs engaged in culture.

The materials studied in this study program are the basics and theories of language, literature and physics, as well as practicum in the field of language. Support facilities for students include ILS (Information and Learning Service): IT, library, media, e-learning, foreign language training at university language centers, IT training, guidance and counseling.

Indonesian literature students also learn about the history of literary works, the creative process and creation of literary works, analysis of literary works, the development of literary works, and even the dynamics of literary works that have so far developed tremendously in relation to IT advancements. The studies have a concentration on contemporary literary works, so that students can analyze literary works on social media, and conduct research on creative content on YouTube, such as short films. Film is also one of the concentrations, namely cinematography, which is a development of literature. The Indonesian Literature students will analyze the film in terms of plot, structure, and characters.

Of course, there is a wide range of sciences studied in Indonesian literature, not only learning about various aspects of literature and language but also theories about culture. Starting from aspects of traditional culture to urban areas which will be studied together and become a material for interesting and fun discussions in class. We can learn these all in lectures of the Indonesian literature department, which is still not widely known to everyone, it turns out not to be boring. (Lin – Public Relations)

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