Starting from a hobby of cooking, Kadek Delia Arisani, a student majoring in Fisheries Science, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Department of Aquaculture, Diponegoro University, finally opened a business selling vegetables and fruits online.

“I like to cook, but I am too lazy to go to the market so I want practical and fast shopping. I want to save time because I am really focused on finishing my thesis so I rarely go out of the boarding house. Then I thought of looking for other activities by taking the initiative to open an online business through social media by selling vegetables. Especially during the pandemic period where people are afraid to leave the house, people are now also increasingly fond of ordering or shopping anything via online for reasons of convenience. And it turns out that my businesses named semayur id label is quite attractive,” said Kadek.

Furthermore, she said the motto of semayur id  is “Cooking is a simple way to share love”. semayur id now has three business focuses, namely with vegetable products and fresh ingredients, focusing on daily catering, and with vegetable and fruit bouquets.

semayur id serves in Semarang and Yogyakarta. Currently, semayur id is collaborating with farmers in Lereng Merbabu, Kopeng, and several times holding workshops for packaging training and others. semayur id also held events including garden walks and planting 150 seeds with farmers on Lereng Merbabu. Even semayur id can also be found in several supermarkets in Semarang and Demak.

“Back then, college was just a dream, because I did not come from a wealthy family. But finally I was able to go to college, I am very grateful to have the opportunity to study at Undip so that I can really maximize my abilities, make many friends and wide relations, and be active in the organization, while working at the same time. All the processes I went through with a happy feeling included in the process of the establishment of semayur id. The study environment at Undip is certainly very supportive both in teaching and learning activities, hobbies, organizations, and even entrepreneurship,” she said.

Kadek is an Undip student who is also active in the field of arts at the Diponegoro Theater (2015-2018), actively writing as a journalist at the Manunggal Undip Press Institute and LPM Warta Mahaprika (2015-2017), member of Faculty Student Senate (2017), join the Semarang Campus Theater Forum, having internship experience at and was a finalist in the Top 10 Outstanding Students at FPIK in 2017.

“The process is fun, if the results are not as we wish we should not regret it, we must believe that the process will not betray the results. Continue to learn and try to maximize the potential that exists within us,” she concluded. (Lin – Public Relations)