Portalkripto in collaboration with Diponegoro University organized the BLOCK #1 Goes To Campus event with the theme “Opportunities and Challenges of the Blockchain Industry in Indonesia” in a form of seminar concept in the BAK Meeting Room of Diponegoro University, on Tuesday (19/7). In this activity, the invited speakers are Deputy Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia, Jerry Sambuaga and Founder of Nusantarachain, Robin Syihab. Acting as moderator is Editor-in-Chief of Portalcrypto, Iqbal Lazuardi.

In the last 3 years, the Blockchain industry has become increasingly popular in Indonesia, but most people do not quite understand it, in fact there are still many people who are trapped in harmful trading activities. Therefore, the BLOCK#1 Goes to Campus activity invites Undip students to get to know blockchain and crypto more deeply.

Vice Rector 1 for Academic and Student Affairs of Diponegoro University, Prof. Faisal, S.E, M.Si., Ph.D. in his speech stated that he supported this event to run well. “This time we will discuss interesting things with the Deputy Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia regarding regulations concerning crypto which are related to the Ministry of Trade. Maybe some people already know about crypto but what it has to do with the government is an interesting thing to discuss,” he said.

Developer Blockchain Indonesia, founder of Nusantarachain, Iqbal Blueuardi explained, “Blockchain is a digital means of guaranteeing security between stakeholders, where every transaction is recorded and secured in many databases that are widely spread on computers. In other words, Blockchain is a technology that no longer uses third parties in the process of exchanging data or transactions.” In addition, Blockchain is also the technology that is the backbone of the creation of crypto assets.

Jerry Sambuaga as the Deputy Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia emphasized that crypto in Indonesia is not a means of payment but a community. Since it is a community, the regulation is under the Ministry of Trade which has the authority to regulate the community, not OJK or Bank Indonesia. Thus, the proper name is not crypto currency but crypto assets.

As many as 18% of crypto asset customers are students and college students. To protect the public, especially students, from scams and trading fraud, the Deputy Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia conveyed, “The Ministry of Home Affairs is trying to regulate how people are not subject to trading scams. As a fraud prevention, if someone offers trading, first ask where the engine is from because many fraudsters claim to have engines and have halal certification. In addition, the Ministry of Trade has a call center at CoFTRA (Bappebti) and if you are offered trading, please contact the call center. Because if the product doesn’t have a permit, it’s not clear and it may end up being detrimental,” he said. (Afifah/Astri – Public Relations)