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Bella Brigitta, Cum Laude Graduate of FH UNDIP: Training Soft Skills and Building Relationships for Future Provisions

Becoming a student is a golden time for the younger generation, where this phase opens up many great opportunities in various fields that can only be done at a productive age, one of which is the opportunity to join an organization. Not only studying lecture materials, to become reliable and adaptive human resources at DUDI (Business World and Industrial World), students must have soft skills such as good communication, leadership, negotiation skills, and problem solving, and these abilities can be obtained with experience while joining an organization. This thought was the background for Bella Maria Brigitta’s decision, a student of Faculty of Law Undip Class of 2018 to enter the world of organization.

The student who will be officially inaugurated at the 167th Graduation Ceremony of Diponegoro University was active in the Asian Law Students’ Association (ALSA), an Asian-level non-profit organization for Law students that aims to increase awareness of laws and regulations as well as a forum for building connections between Law students. Bella was active as a Staff of Law Development Division at the Asian Law Students’ Association (ALSA) Local Chapter of Diponegoro University in 2019-2020.

Then Bella served as Vice President of External Affairs at the Asian Law Students’ Association (ALSA) for the 2020-2021 period. In addition, Bella has also been a delegate in an international forum representing ALSA Indonesia in the Governing Council Meeting which was attended by representatives from 17 countries that are members of ALSA, namely at the 2020 ALSA Forum Jakarta and the 2021 ALSA Conference Mandalay.

“As a representative of ALSA Indonesia, I assisted the President of ALSA Indonesia at that time in making every decision to represent ALSA Indonesia for ALSA International, listening to the ALSA International accountability report, and witnessing handover the management of ALSA International,” said Bella.

The student of Business Civil Law Undip admitted that joining an international-based organization had many positive impacts for her development. Self-development is meant to train soft skills and time management. “Committed to being part of the organization, I have to be responsible for myself, the obligation to study with all the assignments and exams, but not leave the responsibility in the organization,” conveyed Bella telling her experience.

No less important than learning science in college is building relationships and getting to know many people. “Since ALSA is an international organization, the relationships I get are not just students and alumni of Diponegoro University, but also with ALSA members from other universities and even in other Asian countries,” said Bella.

Even though she was active in national and international organizational activities, Bella was able to carry out her obligations well, as evidenced by her graduation at the 167th Graduation Ceremony of Diponegoro University and obtaining cum laude predicate with a GPA of 3.77.

“For friends who are still in college and in organizations, just enjoy the activities even if we may get tired doing all the activities. Remember that everything that is lived has its benefits and the benefits derived from organizing are many and will not be in vain. The benefits cannot come alone, but must be sought and pursued. Keep spirit!,” said Bella to her fellow colleagues.

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