Farhan Gimnastiar Maslihan (D-4 Industrial Chemical Engineering Technology Student of Vocational School), Tatia Ambar Inugrah (Bachelor of Chemistry Student of Faculty of Science and Mathematics) and Eva Noor Fitriana (Urban and Regional Planning Student of Faculty of Engineering) are students of Diponegoro University who excel in the field of arts, especially poetry. They will represent Undip in 2022 Peksimida XVI Central Java, Farhan in reading poetry (Male), Tatia in reading poetry (Female), and Eva in writing literature (Poetry). Good luck for them in representing Undip students.

Tatia said she first fell in love with poetry when she was in elementary school, when she was offered to take part in a poetry reading competition. Then it continued until middle school, high school and college when she realized she liked poetry even more. For her, poetry is a kind of media that expresses what is in the heart and manages emotions when sad and happy.

“I have participated in competitions when I was in elementary and junior high school. I won a poetry and poetry reading competition. Then in high school I won a poetry reading competition, then in college I won at the faculty level and the Diponegoro Art Competition or DAC event. Besides reading poetry, actually I like to write poetry too but I keep it for personal use. My favorite poetry are the works by Chairil Anwar and Taufiq Ismail,” she said.

“Through education we can learn about many things that we did not know before, learn various things that are useful for ourselves and others so that we can apply it in the world of work later. In organizations we learn soft skills and gain other knowledge and experience besides learning how to work together with a team. Undip is very supportive of student activities and student organizations, including giving awards to academic and non-academic activities,” explained Tatia.

Meanwhile, Farhan also said that since elementary school, he has participated in art activities, namely theater and has won 1st place poetry competition at the city level when he was a beginner in the field of arts. At the junior high school level, he won 3rd place in the National Student Art Festival and Competition, then at the high school level he became champion at the provincial level in West Java. When he was in junior high school, besides in the field of poetry, he also won a dance competition for new creations and participated in the choir. His favorite poets are Sutardji Calzoum Bachri and Sapardi Djoko Damano.

“Since we were born we have moved, when we move, we have used what is called art. For me every movement is art. Studying poetry makes me have a sense of empathy for people, not only cultivating vocals but also cultivating feelings,” he said.

“Undip facilitates and strongly supports art activities, such as the Diponegoro Art Copetition and preparations for the Regional Student Art Week or Peksimida. Undip does not only hone students’ abilities in the academic field but also hone students’ abilities in non-academic fields. These mean that Undip appreciates all student activities,” Farhan continued.

For him, education and organizations do not only hone hard skills and soft skills, besides being educated, students must be able to socialize with other people, learn to manage time, and add important relationships in the organization. Seeking knowledge is not only about learning from one side but from various perspectives, both in organization and in the field of arts. According to Farhan, it must be remembered that the intention of going to college is to seek knowledge so that the opportunity must be used as well as possible because the opportunity does not come twice. Moreover, being accepted at Undip is not an easy thing.

Eva said that she started loving poetry from elementary school. According to her, when she was a child she did not like to socialize with others, so she often wrote down her feelings on paper. Writing is a means for her to pour out her feelings in a diary. Later in high school, she focused on writing poetry and participated in a poetry writing selection event. When she was in tenth grade in Senior High School she won 2nd place in the national level poetry competition.

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