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UNDIP Inaugurated Double Degree Students and International Students at Its 167th Graduation Ceremony

At the Undip 167th Graduation Ceremony which was held from July 26, 2022 to August 2, 2022 at Prof. Soedarto S.H. Building, Diponegoro University (Undip) inaugurated 2,665 graduates, which included 38 people from Doctoral programs, 386 people from Master programs, 70 people from Specialist programs, 120 people from Professional programs, 1,828 people from Bachelor programs, 27 people from Applied Bachelor programs, and 196 people from Diploma programs.

In his report, Vice Rector I for Academic and Student Affairs, Prof. Faisal, S.E., M.Si., Ph.D. conveyed that at the 167th graduation ceremony there were two graduates from the Double Degree program and 23 graduates who were international students. The two graduates from the Double Degree program, namely Nirmala Raihan Pitaloka, graduated with a Bachelor of Management from Saxion University, Netherlands and Vibuthy Rara Pungkasa Virya, who graduated with a Bachelor of Management from Medicis Business School, France.

Double Degree Program is a program for students to get two graduation degrees by completing lectures at Undip and also at partner universities abroad. Undip currently has many collaborations with universities abroad, this also supports the realization of Undip as a World Class University (WCU).

In addition, there were 23 international students who graduated at the Undip 167th Graduation Ceremony, including Mahmoud Walid Abuwazna (Palestine) with a Master in Law and Randrianaivo Mendrika Ny Hanitra (Madagascar) with a Bachelor of Management. There are 8 international students who graduated with Master in Management, namely Atanasio De Carvalho Monteiro (Timor Leste), Razafimahenina Harinoasy Holinirina Lantoniaina (Madagascar), Saparmyrat Soyunov (Turkmenistan), Li Nanxi (China), and students from Thailand namely Busainah Mateh, Fatmah Duerasor , Muhammadhafal Baheng and Che-Romoh Sama.

From the Faculty of Engineering, graduated with Master in Environmental Engineering, namely Lamin Rene Loua (Gambia), Rasolonjatovo Faniry Fanilo Fanantenana (Madagascar), Emilia Cristiana Baptista Belo (Timor Leste), and Mostafa Hamdy Marawan (Egypt). Mahmood Taha Mohammed Naji Saeed (Yemen) graduated with Master in Chemical Engineering, Nzamumbaho Felicien (Rwanda) with Master in Agribusiness, Alhaji Sheku Sankoh (Sierra Leone) with Master in Business Administration, and Faniry Anjarasoa Dimbilalaina (Madagascar) with Master in Linguistics were also graduated at Undip 167th Graduation Ceremony.

Graduated with a Master in Political Science including Aniello Iannone (Italy), Mohamed Ali Mohamed Yousef (Papua New Guinea), and Midelit Okole Pius (Egypt). Then Islam Karim Rouby Mohammed (Egypt) and Ahmed A. O. Shbair (Palestine) graduated as Master in Communication Science.

Most of the study programs at Undip have been internationally accredited which is one of Undip’s real steps towards World Class University (WCU). Collaborative classes in Undip make Undip as the suitable higher education institution even for international students to continue their education so that they become COMPLETE graduates (Communicator, Professional, Leader, Entrepreneur, Thinker, Educator).

Ahmed A. O. Shbair, an International student of FISIP Undip who graduated at the Undip 167th Graduation Ceremony, said that he gained a lot of experience while studying at Undip, in terms of knowledge, life experience, and various skills. “I am interested in continuing my studies at Undip because I see a pleasant learning atmosphere in Indonesia, especially at Undip, which has many good and reliable study programs. Many unforgettable experiences, especially off-campus activities with the Undip International Office (IO), both in scientific courses, academic courses and summer courses. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we studied online. But the university still provides good learning and also takes care of international students who are far from their home countries,” said Ahmed.

Like Ahmed, other international students also agree that while studying at Undip they also have the opportunity to learn about culture, civilization, history in the city of Semarang and various cities in Indonesia. The international exposure obtained by Double Degree students and Undip International students is expected to be useful in forming character and mindset so that Undip graduates can become creative and ready to work.

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