Central Java as one of the provinces in Indonesia has many advantages and extraordinary potential. Starting from the natural potential, cultural diversity, culinary diversity and handicrafts and not forgetting to mention the friendly nature of the residents. As one of the provinces on the island of Java, Central Java consists of many regions, one of which is Semarang Regency, precisely in Sambirejo Village. Sambirejo Village is located in Bringin District, Semarang Regency, Central Java. Not inferior to the potential of other regions, Sambirejo Village also has various diverse potentials. Starting from a very beautiful natural potential with a combination of views of rice fields, plantations, rivers, and dams. Besides the potential for culinary diversity, the village offers various other potentials including the use of agricultural products and local crafts, such as processed banana products, cassava, furniture products, woven, and knitted bags. Of these various potentials, unfortunately the residents of Sambirejo Village have not utilized it optimally due to the limitations of science and technology.

One example, many residents still do not have a PIRT permit for their food processing business. Some residents also still find it difficult to promote various merchandise. Therefore, the main problem in maximizing the utilization of village potential is the process of licensing, promotion, and marketing.

In overcoming the problem that occurred in Sambirejo Village, the team of BEM UNDIP with the Village Community Empowerment Program (P2MD) together with the Sambirejo Village MSMEs groups made efforts to build a Digitalization-Based Creative Work Center or can be called SEKARTAJI. SEKARTAJI is one of the ideas from the P2MD Team of BEM UNDIP activity this year, where the main focus of the team’s program will be carried out with the community. It is UMKM-Tech Marketing (U-Tech) which is integrated with the desawisatasambirejo.com website which was established in 2021.

U-Tech was built as the development and management of the Sambirejo Village website by implementing the barcode scan feature. U-Tech can provide information to users about what products are offered and favored in Sambirejo Village and know the location of product distribution and production capacity. The initiation of this activity is also based on the enthusiasm of the local community in assisting the Business Group Creative Work Center activity program led by Kelompok Sadar Wisata Sarwo Mulyo, which has full support from the Village Government through the village fund budget in 2022, as well as support from relevant stakeholders such as Government Tourism Office. The purpose of this optimization is so that the Dadirejo Sari Business Group can move actively and independently in increasing product promotion and marketing through online media and the official website of Sambirejo Village, as well as structuring the Business Group Creative Work Center as a marketing medium for community business products to support tourism activities.

It is hoped that in the future, SEKARTAJI and P2MD activity program will not only have a positive impact to the people of Sambirejo Village, but also have an impact for the surrounding community as well as will be a form of participation of Diponegoro University in the community service program.