Diponegoro University inaugurated its best students at the 167th Undip Graduation Ceremony at the Prof. Soedarto SH Building, Undip Tembalang campus, on Friday (29/07). A graduate of S1 Agroecotechnology, Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences (FPP), Lifta Nuraini shared her interesting experience when she first got to know Undip until she became the best graduate with a predicate of cum laude today.

“Studying at Undip gave me a lot of experience and learning. Living far from home is certainly a challenge to adapt, but the comfortable campus atmosphere makes it easy. I was able to get to know friends with different cultural backgrounds, learn to socialize with the community better and learn new things in the world of agriculture that I certainly haven’t had before. Agriculture is a very crucial field for the nation, but there are still many people who are not interested in this field, because it is synonymous with working in the rice fields. Being an agricultural student, it is a challenge for me to change the stigma of people who still look down on agriculture.” she said.

A great interest in agriculture since high school, made her persistent in studying at university even though she came from a remote village in the South Lampung area. The student with a GPA of 3.99 also expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to get the Bidikmisi scholarship, so that she could continue her education at one of the best universities in the country. In addition, she also conveyed her good impression of being a student of the Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences (FPP).

“Agroecotechnology Undip introduced me further to the importance of agriculture for life, the prospects of agriculture in the future so that it made me believe that entering the agricultural sector was the right path that God gave me to continue the process going forward.” she said.

Lifta realizes how important education is today, but she also feels that the organization supports her in preparing herself to be part of a forum in the future or even being future leaders by honing her skill in college. Therefore, the girl who is a Bidikmisi scholarship recipient actively participate in organizations such as UPK Minerva Research Club, Head of Department of the IDEA UPK KM An-Nahl, Public Relations Staff of UKM RnB (Research and Business), Undip Chess UKM Treasurer, Study Division Staff of , Al-Fatih Undip Mosque. In addition, she also participated in several committees within the faculty and became a volunteer for the Ayo Nandur project which focuses on introducing agriculture in urban areas, as well as the Mount Panjilaras Tourism development project with the External Project team of UKM RnB. In addition to participating in organizations and committees, Lifta is a competitive student, as evidenced by her participation in the PMW ALPHA HYDRONIC team and successfully passing to the funding stage.

Lifta conveyed a message about the importance of education for the younger generation, especially for Undip students who are currently struggling to complete their college education. “Education is the foundation for advancing a nation. As a young generation, of course, we must become pillars of the progress of a nation, through simple things that we can do, one of which is learning and continuing to study in certain fields according to our interests. Let’s become an educated generation so that we can strive for a better life. Education is not just a theoretical science, but must be applied in life, not only about science in college but how we apply the knowledge we receive to our society and environment. Educated not only scientifically, but also educated to be a person who is honest, brave, caring, fair and with integrity.” she said when interviewed by the Undip Public Relations team. (Afifah – PR)


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