“When I was in college, I pushed myself to get a job quickly by opening a career website portal that contained job vacancies. I tried to apply for several vacancies at the end of April 2022. In early May 2022, I received a message that I passed the file selection at the Lamudi Indonesia Company. I am so grateful that God answered my prayer. Then I proceeded to the HR interview stage and was announced to have passed the test. The next stage is the User Interview in which I applied as a Client Relationship Officer the day after my Final Assignment trial. On the D day, I was unsure and decided not to attend the interview, but it seems that God moved my heart to continue to attend the interview. On the same day it was announced that I passed and got a job offer as an employee at the company. I am grateful and did not expect the result that I was accepted for a job quickly. Of course I am very happy because I was able to complete the challenge for myself. After I signed the job offer letter I immediately prepared to go to Jakarta to work. All the journey process up to this point is a blessing from God,” said Tama Simarmata, a graduate of Public Relations, Vocational School of PSDKU Batang, Diponegoro University who will be inaugurated at the 167th Undip Graduation Ceremony.

“Besides attending lectures in college, I participate in internship programs in various companies such as DigiTiket, Les-Online.com, School of Parenting, Prokompim Batang, Rise Foundation and many others in positions of PR, Event Specialist, Partnership and Media Relations. I am also active in participating in competitions such as PKM-PM and Mawapres, as well as participating in organizations such as GenBI Komsat Undip and Semarang as one of the recipients of Bank Indonesia scholarships, the Vocational Public Relations Student Association of Batang, APIC Student Forum, Hands On Business, and participating in various mentoring classes such as career preparation after college,” continued the graduate with a GPA of 4.00.

The competitions that I have participated in are the 2018 North Sulawesi and National GenRe Ambassadors, PKM and Mawapres at the Faculty and Undip Levels, Scientific Writing Competitions, Population Counseling Contests, Poetry Reading, Exemplary Youth and High Achievement Christian Students in North Sulawesi.

“I got a lot of extraordinary experiences while studying at Undip with experienced and familiar lecturers who have helped me a lot. In addition, the latest curriculum teaches me to be able to directly apply the theory I have learned. Opportunities for achievement and very adequate facilities and infrastructure make it easy for me to hone soft skills and hard skills. I will never forget the D3 Humas Batang lecturers and my friends who always support me. Undip does not only provide an excellent education but also prepares students to become successful people after graduating from college through various activities held on and off campus.” said Tama.

“Education and organization are very important because these two things teach us to be quality and competitive people. Starting from how to apply knowledge, communicate, improve leadership, be creative, analytical, responsive, and willing to work will be obtained from education and organizations. In addition, we should never be afraid to fail and keep trying, because we will not find success if fear is still looming over us. And don’t forget to pray, good luck! Undip Jaya forever!” he concluded. (Lin – Public Relations)