The Business and Financial Management Training held by the Balatkop Dinkop Jateng together with the Bio Hadikesuma Management Training Center was felt by MSMEs actors. One of them, Maria Leoni, an alumnus of the Faculty of Public Health Undip, is the owner of Kainratu Weaving in Jepara. The business built by Muhammad Hamdan and Maria Leoni was able to generate two times turnover from the previous year, after attending training from Balatkop which was held in Kudus and Solo some time ago.

In the training, Leoni and other MSMEs actors were taught about correcting a number of mistakes made in managing a business, recording finances and calculating the profit and loss account of a business. Leoni gained a lot of knowledge from determining the cost of production, market research to determine customer segments, and financial records to making sales targets.

“Actually, the four points have been made many times, but it turns out that there are still many mistakes that are not realized so that it causes losses in business. After the training, we really immediately fix everything,” said Leoni, Sunday (23/8/2022).

Not only did they gain a lot of knowledge, Leoni and other MSMEs actors admitted that they were immediately taught the practice of applying financial science. After receiving training, her business turnover has now increased. Starting from the increase in the number of orders and also the turnover that continues to increase every month.

Leoni is also currently making efforts to empower more weavers and the community around Troso village whose main livelihood is weaving. She also hoped that this training can continue to be held. Balatkop Jateng itself continues to improve MSMEs by holding training throughout the Central Java region. This training is in collaboration with BHMTC and a number of other parties.

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