Starting the new academic year of 2022/2023, Diponegoro University held a New Student Admission Ceremony (PMB) which was conducted offline at Diponegoro University Stadium, Tembalang (12/9). The activity was carried out in two stages, stage I at 09.00 – 11.00 WIB and stage II at 15.30 – 17.00 WIB.

The new student admission ceremony still implemented strict health protocols. Regarding the prevention of the spread of Covid-19, Undip provided provisions for new students before entering the stadium including students must submit a printout of a certificate of booster vaccine / Peduli Lindungi and antigen results for those who have not had the booster vaccine. For new students participating in the ceremony, consumption of food and vitamins was also distributed as well as health packages containing masks, hand sanitizer and wet wipes.

The Rector of Diponegoro University, Prof. Yos Johan Utama, S.H., M. Hum. strictly prohibited hazing activities for new students because it is not part of forming and educating students with character. Activities will focus on introducing campuses by holding a series of PKKMB (Introduction to Campus Life for New Students) events. PKKMB is a means for preparing new students in the transition process to become mature and independent students, as well as accelerating the adaptation process of students to the new environment.

Campus introduction materials include national insight and state defense; fostering the national movement for mental revolution; environmental awareness and disaster mitigation/preparedness in universities, ethical culture, and campus life norms; character building; and young Diponegoro orientation. (Lin – Public Relations)

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