Based on a report by the Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs, Prof. Faisal, S.E., M.Si., Ph.D., Diponegoro University accepted 13,776 new students, consisting of 253 people from Doctoral Programs, 963 people from Masters Programs, 110 people from Specialist Programs, 194 people from Professional Programs, 10,460 people from Undergraduate Programs, 1,535 people from Applied Undergraduate Programs, and 261 people from Vocational Program. The report was submitted at the Undip New Student Admission Ceremony for the 2022/2023 academic year at the Undip Stadium, Tembalang, Friday (12/8).

In his remarks, the Rector of Diponegoro University, Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, S.H., M. Hum. congratulated the new students for their success in passing Undip entrance selection, which is famous for its tight competition. New students are not only required to learn to gain knowledge according to their field, but are also required to be active in student activities in order to increase their soft skills which will be an added value.

“Today is a very historic day for all of us, because together we are witnessing thousands of selected young people to pursue higher education at one of the best universities in Indonesia, namely Diponegoro University. Undip is 1 of 10 universities among 4700 universities in Indonesia that are included in the world class university rankings. Not only that, Undip was ranked 1st in the National Colleges whose graduates were the quickest to get jobs, ranked 2nd Nationally and ranked 30th in the world of UI Greenmetric as a university that cares and practices concern for poverty, disability, environmental sustainability, and ranks 2nd Nationally for the best PTNBH according to the Ministry of Education and Culture in 2021 and the National Top 5 in 2022,” he explained.

Prof. Yos firmly said that in Undip there should be no views of radicalism, ethnicity, racial discrimination and others, or other things that deviate from Pancasila. The understandings that must be developed are the understanding of hard work, the understanding of honesty, the understanding of the spirit of chivalry, the understanding of orderliness of time, the understanding of tolerance, the understanding of compassion, the understanding of innovation, the spirit of responsibility, the spirit of humbleness and trustworthiness because these are the core of the soul of Pancasila.

“I strictly prohibit any form of hazing and blasphemy because these are violations of human rights and are criminal acts. Just report it to the Rector, Vice Rectors or to the Deans if there is still any form of hazing practice, and I remind you, I will not hesitate to drop out to the perpetrators as well as give disciplinary actions for teaching staff who commit or allow hazing to occur. Undip will never tolerate rude behavior because Undip is a campus full of compassion,” concluded Prof. Yos. (Lin – Public Relations)