Early next year, in February 2023, the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Diponegoro University (FPIK Undip) sent a total of 27 students to take part in an internship program to Hokkaido, Japan. This was conveyed by the Dean of FPIK Undip, Prof. Ir. Tri Winarni Agustini, M.Sc., Ph.D. in an interview with the Undip Public Relations team at the Dean Building of FPIK Undip on Thursday (25/8).

Furthermore, Prof. Tri, as she is familiarly called, explained that in order to implement the policy of the Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology regarding Independent Learning policy, FPIK Undip has collaborated with the industrial world which aims to provide opportunities for students to gain knowledge, hone skills according to their interests and talents by taking part in directly into the world of work to prepare students for careers after graduation. “FPIK has collaborated with several companies, and this is the first collaboration with PT Irodori Global Indonesia,” explained Prof. Tri. “Previously, 89 participants participated in this internship program selection, from the results of the selection 27 people have passed the selection and are going to go to Hokkaido Japan in February 2023,” she added.

Prof. Tri added that the internship program will be carried out for 3 months, but previously students who pass the selection will be provided with training and also Japanese language class. “In line with the MBKM (Independent Campus Independent Learning) program, this field practice program can be converted to the equivalent of 20 credits,” she explained.

In line with what was said by the Dean of FPIK Undip, Director of PT Irodori Global Indonesia Rizky Putra Prihatama, S.Kep.,Ns.,Rn., M.Kep. explained that PT Irodori Global Indonesia is a company engaged in education, training and distribution of workers to Japan. Before being declared to pass the selection, 27 students who will be sent to carry out the Japanese Hotate “Hokkaido” shellfish cultivation internship program have participated in the selection, starting with document selection and matching with the user (interview session). Currently 27 internship students have made passports. Before leaving, they will be provided with Japanese language skills.

Meanwhile, Fathi Jihadis Sabili and Amanda Wahyu Pravitasari, representing students who passed to go on an internship to Japan felt proud and grateful to have passed the selection of the internship program to Japan carried out by PT Irodari Global Indonesia. The 7th semester students revealed the benefits of an independent learning program, especially an internship program or field practice. In addition to increasing knowledge, with internships in industrial places, especially outside and leading companies, namely in Japan, the participants can expand relationships and networks with international friends. “In addition to gaining additional knowledge, experience and skills in shellfish cultivation in Hokkaido, the internship program is also useful for expanding networks,” concluded Amanda. (Ut – Public Relations)