In order to welcome the arrival of new students of FISIP Undip in 2022, recently the Communication and Information Bureau of BEM FISIP Undip 2022 made a new innovation to introduce the FISIP Undip campus environment to new students in a catalog form, namely “KREASIP, last week. KREASIP is one of the projects created by the Communication and Information Bureau of BEM FISIP Undip, namely the Public Relations Division and the Visual Communication Design Division.

KREASIP was created by Naila Fitri as a PR functionary and Dena Fitri and Kharisma Kusuma as DKV functionaries. KREASIP or FISIP Orange Catalog is a catalog that contains information available at the Faculty of Social Science and Political Science, Diponegoro University, which contains Undip and FISIP floor plans, study programs, student organizations, important buildings on the Undip campus, steps on how to borrow and return library books, how to borrow a room, provisions for appearance on campus, and so on. Information related to the reason why FISIP Undip can be called “Orange Campus” is also answered in this KREASIP.

As a project of the Communication and Information Bureau of the BEM FISIP Undip, KREASIP is very informative because it contains information including the profiles of the Dean of FISIP and the Head of the Study Programs, Undip and FISIP plans, profiles of the Study Program Student Association, Student Senate, BEM, UPK & BSO, to recommendations for places to eat in Tembalang, and other informative things.

The implementation of welcoming new students of FISIP UNDIP 2022 in offline format will make new students more familiar with the Orange Diponegoro campus. In this regard, the creation of KREASIP was motivated by new students who wanted to get to know the Orange campus, the Faculty of Social Science and Political Science more broadly. Therefore, by making this catalog, it is hoped that it can increase the understanding of new students about FISIP Undip.

To spread KREASIP, BEM FISIP Undip collaborates with five Study Program Student Associations and also the Student Senate of FISIP Undip on their social media accounts. Not only on the student organization’s social media accounts, but also on their respective accounts. KREASIP was published and distributed to new FISIP Undip students after the end of the entire series of PKKMB and ODM.

Chantika, one of the new students of FISIP Undip 2022 from the Business Administration study program stated that KREASIP was quite helpful for her to understand more about FISIP Undip. “The information in KREASIP is very complete and the design template is also interesting and very useful for new students to get to know the campus more closely,” she concluded.

Thus for those of you new FISIP Undip students who are still confused about the Undip plan, especially the FISIP plan, what are you waiting for, you can check KREASIP directly via OK!. (Najwa Alaeyda – PR BEM FISIP Undip 2022)