“I am not a painter but I can paint even though it’s actually more of a sketcher style because I come from the Architect major which is often related to building sketches. For paintings, I pursue the flow of naturalist painting, because naturalist paintings have beautiful compositions, and usually their meanings are easy to understand and enjoy by anyone,” said Kukuh Budi Prayogo, a student of the Department of Architecture Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Diponegoro University, who won first place in the Painting Branch of Regional Student Art Week of Central Java (Peksimida Jateng) in 2022.

Apart from studying, Kukuh has participated in a Rohis organization at the Architecture Engineering study program. In addition, he did freelance work on small building design projects. The competitions he won include 1st place in the Grobogan calligraphy competition (2016), 3rd place in the Bridge Construction Competition (LRBJ) in CIVILWEEK UNS (2017), 1st place in the building sketch competition (Artmosfest) UIN Walisongo Semarang (2020), 2nd place in the Diponegoro painting competition Art Competition (2020), 2nd place in the Atlantis Poster Competition, HMP Geography UMS (2020), and 1st place in the Diponegoro Art Competition (2022).

“I am very grateful for being able to become the 1st winner of the Painting Branch of Peksimida, and representing Central Java at the national level or the National Student Art Week. Before, I never thought that I would become a champion, I am still a beginner, especially in painting on canvas, with a fairly large size. Of course this will be a good start for me to always learn and keep learning,“ he said.

“I feel proud to be able to study at Undip, one of the best state universities in Indonesia. While studying at Undip, I gained experience, gained useful knowledge, and also made friends from various regions. Education is very important for us, because with education, we can become wise and useful people for others. Education is not only obtained from school, or college, but we can get it from anywhere, and from anyone, as long as education can provide good knowledge and we can apply it. Joining an organization is also important because the experience we get can increase relationships, add insight, train leadership, tolerance, togetherness and management,” concluded Kukuh. (Lin – Public Relations)

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