Athallah Firdianto, a student of the Faculty of Law, Diponegoro University, made a proud achievement in the field of tennis. This of course cannot be separated from his hard work until finally he was able to won competitions including the 2nd winner (silver medal) of 2015 South East Asean Junior, the 1st winner (gold medal) of Widjojo Soejono International Champ U-16 , the 3rd winner (bronze medal) of 2018 Porprov, as well as winning the silver and bronze medal in 2022 Pomprov.

According to him, tennis is very good for training strength and body coordination. The backhand swing, forehand swing, and smash shot techniques in tennis can strengthen the body’s hand and leg muscles. In addition, it is also useful for improving body coordination because it requires concentration and a high level of alertness. The key to tennis is to practice regularly.

“In addition to the obligation to study, go to college, in between hours to wait for class I practice tennis. On weekends, I usually play tennis together with the family and manage the f1rst_tennis Club,” he said.

“Undip is very supportive of student activities, this really encourages students to improve their learning, hobbies and organization. Education and organization are interrelated, many lessons can be learned from joining an organization and vice versa. The experience gained from the organization can be used for students as a simulation of the world of work. Joining an organization will increase networking, develop your talents, hone your soft skills, and make yourself aware of the importance of managing your time,” concluded Athallah. (Lin – Public Relations)