Semarang, October 12, 2022 – Head of Indonesian Literature Study Program FIB Undip, Dr. Sukarjo Waluyo, M. Hum. attended the 2022 Academic Student Networking (ASN). The scientific activity initiated by Gadjah Mada University (UGM) in collaboration with Diponegoro University (Undip) and Andalas University (UNAND) was held on Wednesday (12/10) and opened by Dr. Sukajo Waluyo, M. Hum. by observing the existence of Javanese Literary Spirit and Malay Literature in the New Face of Indonesian Literature.

This Scientific Webinar presented two speakers, namely Taufiq Hakim, S.S., a student of Master in Literature UGM who discussed “Kuntul Pucuk Mbulan: A Philological Reflection (Transformation of Kiai Cabolek’s Story)” and Maya Febrianti, S.S., M.Hum., an alumnus of the UNAND Literature Postgraduate Program with discussion about “Legend Transformation of the Black Rich in Literary Literature”. In their material, the two speakers found that the latest Indonesian literary works have elements of traditional culture, especially the spirit of Javanese and Malay culture.

Dr. Sukarjo Waluyo, M. Hum. saw that the existence of the spirit of traditional culture in new Indonesian literary works could be said that it has passed the time in which a culture experienced a golden age. Thus the culture is being the embodiment of spirit. In a simple sense, spirit can be interpreted as a spirit that is able to enter the latest literary works. This process is not only a retelling of how a traditional culture is applied, but also as the embodiment of a new meaning of cultural values in the past.

According to Taufiq Hakim, S.S. and Maya Febrianti, S.S., M.Hum., the values of Javanese and Malay traditions permeate and interpret new Indonesian literary works, this is in line with what was emphasized by Dr. Sukarjo Waluyo, M. Hum. where these values become one as a Mosaic of Indonesian Literature. With his experience of seeing the values of coastal locality in Semarang, Dr. Sukarjo Waluyo, M. Hum. reflected it in the theoretical view presented in the 2022 ASN. Actual and theoretical experience are two important things in seeing the cultural spirit that permeates Indonesian literary works today. (Putri – Public Relations)

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