Diponegoro University deployed Thematic Community Service students who will conduct their services at the Marine Science Techno Park (MSTP) Teluk Awur Jepara, Tembalang Main Campus, and Bergas District, Semarang Regency. The activity was carried out simultaneously from October 24 to November 30, 2022. The teams were officially deployed by the Deputy Head of Service, Research Institute and Community Service at Diponegoro University, Prof. Dr. Rahayu, S.H., M. Hum. on Monday (24/10) in the yard of the ICT Building, Undip Tembalang.

In her speech, Prof. Rahayu said that with the Thematic Community Service, the program that will be carried out by students is more focused because the theme has been determined from the beginning so that the output of the activities produced is also more precise.

On the same occasion, Prof. Rahayu conveyed, “Students must maintain the good name of individuals or institutions, especially in the current era where social media is a means of disseminating information, they must be smart and wise in using social media,” she said.

The themes of the Thematic Community Service Program include Thematic Community Service Community Empowerment of Teluk Awur as an Effort to Improve the Standard of Living of the Community by Applying Appropriate Technology, Initiating the Development of the Downstream Sector of Shrimp Farms through Ecopreneurship-Based Business Training at Marine Science Techno Park Teluk Awur Jepara, Utilization of Waste from Restaurants and Food Stalls on the Coastal Area of Teluk Awur as Organic Fertilizer to Increase the Income of Teluk Awur Villagers, Empowerment of Rural Tourism Potential in Teluk Awur Jepara, Empowerment through Diversification of Fishery Products for the Communities of Teluk Awur Jepara, Youth Assistance in the PKPR Program (Adolescent Care Health Services) to Achieve Reduction in Stunting Cases, Introduction of the Diponegoro University Campus to the Community through Audio Visual Technology, Digital Literacy Improvement in Public Services for Communities Around the Diponegoro University Main Campus, Kaliku Bersih Kaliku Asri, Mapping and Potential Development Ecotourism Based on Innovation and Education in the Undip Tembalang Campus Area, conserving Javanese culture through kuda lumping folk art performances, Economic Empowerment in the Campus, Revitalization of “Dung Tungkul” Tourism in Rejosari Kali, Meteseh Village, Tembalang District, Semarang, Optimizing the Potential of Livestock Edutourism and Culture in the Thematic Art and Culture Village of Jurang Blimbing Tembalang, and Increasing the Empowerment of Mardi Utomo Residents in the Sustainability of the Rainbow Tourism Park. (Lin – Public Relations)

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