The Master of Communication Science Diponegoro University held a Digital Marketing Strategy Training which was held for two days on October 29-30, 2022 by online.

The resource person is Andin Rahmana Putra (Practitioner, Speaker & Digital Marketing Trainer). In his material, he conveyed Brands are not Heroes, Customers are Heroes, The role of brands is to guide heroes successfully through challenges.

“Video marketing can be through Live Broadcasts, Video Podcasts, e-Learning Videos, Vlogging Videos for Companies & Brands, IG and TikTok Reels, Purchased Videos, 360 Degree Videos, Augmented Reality, Video Ads, and User Generated Content,” he said.

Andin further said that the content in video marketing offers a variety of interesting choices, interesting and related content for the audience to get a wider and more diverse audience. No less important is that consistency is needed to maintain the existence of a content for YouTube channel.Providing content on a regular basis can increase the audience’s attention and sense of need for its content.

“Regarding ‘create values’ depending on brand identity, we will find various ways to attract audience interest and make them care about our content. The three main ways to add value include inspiring audiences with emotional and engaging stories, educating audiences with useful information, entertaining audiences by surprising them, making them laugh or sharing spectacular content,” he concluded. (Lin – Public Relations)

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