“During my study at Diponegoro University, I participated in several activities other than attending lectures, such as participating in organizations, committees, and internships held by the campus to gain experience and relationships. Organizations that I participated in include Prisma Undip Batch 32 as a member and BEM of the Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences 2020 as expert staff in the field of media and communication. While the committees that I participated in include Tryout Suratos 2020 held by Pamudi Solo as deputy logistics coordinator, ODM FPP Undip 2019 and Undip’s 62nd Anniversary as logistics division staff, free class photography committee held by Prisma Undip, and participating as Youth Agricareture volunteer 2019 which was held by IAAS LC Undip,” said Rayhan Zahra Fatin, a graduate of the Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences Undip who was officially graduated at the Undip 168th Graduation Ceremony.

“Studying at Undip gave me a lot of new things to learn both in the academic and non-academic fields. My study program, namely Agroecotechnology, which is full of practicums and reports, teaches me to be able to multitask, manage time well, and how to unite thoughts, ideas, and arguments from different points of view in a group. The impression of studying in Agroecotechnology is quite encouraging, there are lots of surprises in each semester, besides that it also teaches me to appreciate food and farmers around the world,” she continued.

The student who graduated with a GPA of 3.97 conveyed the message that education and organizations have an important role in life, the nation and the state. “Nelson Mandela once said ‘Education is the deadliest weapon in the world, because with education, you can change the world’. College is not a competition like who graduated first, got a high GPA, or got a high degree, but college is a place where we can develop our potential and mindset to be broader and not narrow-minded in facing a reality. Go at your own pace, because everyone has their own time,” she concluded. (Lin – Public Relations)

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