“Education organized by higher education institutions does not only focus on developing practical skills but also on developing mindsets, soft skills, good analytical skills that involve universal beliefs and common sense. So that as the younger generation, we should have a strong desire to continue learning and be open to new ideas and ideas,” said Astrid Karana Pramesthi, a graduate of the Faculty of Law, Diponegoro University with a GPA of 3.84.

“The process of learning and self-development is not only limited to the classroom, but can be obtained through many other media such as organizations, volunteer activities, competitions, internships and so on. These learning media make us know how to be individuals who are open to new ideas, able to accept opinions even for opinions that are opposite to what we think are true, develop mindsets, become adaptive, become individuals who are able to tolerate differences in any aspect, are able to manage time, and other things that will certainly be very useful for life in the future. For this reason, it is not only the learning process in the classroom that is important for us to participate in, but also non-academic activities which will also give us the opportunity to develop in other aspects beyond practical abilities,” she continued.

Astrid has participated in many organizational activities, committees, internships and competitions, including as Young Staff of the LO Division, Speaker at the Progressive Week National Law Conference (2018), Young Staff for Legal, Social, Political Affairs of BEM FH Undip (2019), Head of Division, Speaker at the Progressive Week National Law Conference 2019, Expert Staff for Legal, Social and Political Affairs BEM FH Undip (2020), Deputy Chair for Social and Political Affairs BEM Undip 2021, Coordinator for Field IV NMCC Soedarto Cup VIII (2021). She also has internship experience at the Law Office of Bob Horo & Partners (2021), HeyLaw.id (2021), and the Undip Research and Community Service Institute (2021), and has participated in the National Law Debate competition in April 2021 organized by the Faculty of Law, Jakarta Veterans National Development University and won 1st place.

“During my studies at Undip, all lecturers were able to convey material comprehensively, the class atmosphere was pleasant, the facilities provided were complete and Undip was not only actively providing space for students to develop academically but also non-academic activities that were able to make students develop their interpersonal skills,” she concluded. (Lin – Public Relations)

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