Semarang, November 25, 2022 – In a meeting with a theme “Visit and Exploration of Cooperation Taiwan’s Asia University to Diponegoro University”, Diponegoro University and Asia University, who have collaborated before, had the opportunity to provide input or suggestions to each other regarding the continuation of the implementation of this collaboration after the pandemic COVID-19. The discussion led by Anggun P. Siswanto, S.T., Ph.D. as the Head of the Undip International Office, gave an opportunity to representatives of the Office of International Affairs from each faculty to ask questions and respond about the cooperation that has been established and the potential for collaboration that can be carried out in the future.

According to Chien-Kuo Wang as a delegation from Asia University, the opportunity is wide open for Undip students and academic staff to continue their studies at Asia University. In addition, all Asia University delegates agreed that the implementation of student exchanges which have been carried out online so far, can be carried out offline in 2023. This is based on considerations of the effectiveness of implementing student exchanges which are basically aimed at introducing Taiwan’s academic, social and cultural life to Undip students. The discussion between Undip and Asia University ended very well where both parties agreed to continue the initiative regarding the potential to carry out co-funded and fully funded scholarships for Undip educators at Asia University.

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