Semarang, November 28, 2022 – To support Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) number four, namely regarding Quality of Education, Community Service Division of BEM FISIP Undip carry out FISIP Mengajar activities to develop the creative potential of the children of Melati Play Group through play activities, be creative, and learn things that are useful in the long term (sustainability). This activity took place from October to November 2022 which was carried out at Melati Play Group, Ngadikerso Village, Sumowono District, Semarang Regency.

FISIP Mengajar is a derivative work program from the FISIP untuk Negeri (FUN) in the Education Sector. This year, FISIP Mengajar carried the theme “Improving Education in Indonesia by Educating the Next Generation of a Creative Nation”. According to Adel, who is in charge of the FISIP Mengajar work program, the reason for the Community Service Division of BEM FISIP Undip choosing Ngadikerso Village as the location for FISIP Mengajar is because the village has a partner relationship with BEM FISIP Undip. This village also has fewer children aged 2 to 4 years so it can focus on practicing skills and exploring the potential of every child there.

“This activity has existed from the previous year, but this year we are providing innovative activities that are sustainable, which are carried out in four meetings. The series of activities was different from the previous year. The first week begins with the opening of the activity, then continues with the activity of planting kale and education on good hand washing. Then, the following week, there were cooking classes for sweet potato balls, tooth brushing counseling, making wall hangings, painting, and ending with closing and giving goodie bags to the children at Melati Play Group,” said Adel.

FISIP Mengajar has gone through approximately three months of preparation with the stages of surveying venues, making and submitting proposals, submitting activity funds, and checking the completeness of activity needs. This work program is fully supported by the Faculty of Social Science and Political Science, BEM FISIP Undip, and PT Aimtopindo Nuansa Kimia as sponsors of funding during the activity.

Adel stated that with the implementation of FISIP Mengajar, local residents gave a positive response. In this case, the parents of the students are very supportive of FISIP Mengajar activities. The teachers also welcomed this activity well and participated in accompanying the FISIP Mengajar activities to completion. The children were very enthusiastic when they took part in the whole series of activities until the end.

Adel hoped that FISIP Mengajar activities can continue to be enjoyed by children in other villages, not only in the Melati Play Group. The FISIP Mengajar program can provide an example of a work program system that supports and realizes quality education in Semarang Regency. (Dea Nofitri by Public Relations BEM FISIP Undip 2022)

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