Diponegoro University (Undip) has just launched a Solar Boat named DIPONEGORO 1.0 on Wednesday, December 21, 2022 at the Prof. Soedarto SH Building, Undip Tembalang campus. The solar-powered ship is the result of research from the Research of Marine Technology Diponegoro University (RMT Undip).

Research of Marine Technology Diponegoro University (RMT Undip) is a solar powered ship research team prepared for international competition. Members of this team are students from various departments that work together according to the needs of this research field. The DIPONEGORO 1.0 Solar Boat is planned to participate in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge in July 2023.

Starting his remarks, the Undip Rector, represented by Vice Rector I for Academic and Student Affairs, Prof. Faisal, S.E., M.Si., Ph.D. expressed a sense of pride in the innovations that students have created. “Undip is of course very proud because these students have made contributions that are not only on a university level but on a world level. This also supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) because it can make a real contribution to reducing gas emissions.” he said.

Prof. Faisal hoped that RMT Undip can inspire the education and research sector, as well as the industrial sector for a better world development. With the launch of the DIPONEGORO 1.0 Solar Boat, Undip has played an active role in helping to develop Renewable Energy (EBT) and supporting the Zero Emission program in Indonesia.

“Undip for 3 consecutive years has been named the 2nd Best Sustainable Higher Education in Indonesia by the UI GreenMetric Rankings 2022. Undip has made various efforts to develop Renewable Energy (EBT) sourced from solar power as a form of implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs).” said Prof. Faisal.

Undip as a well-known state university in Indonesia is always committed to supporting students to produce other innovative works. “We will continue to provide support, including in terms of seeking ways to strengthen funding so that the students can conduct innovative research well.” explained Prof. Faisal.

Prof. Faisal added that it needs optimal synergy and collaboration of all parties to support the program from RMT Undip. “Of course this effort will be difficult to achieve optimally without synergy and collaboration with various parties. The active role of various parties, such as sponsors and partners in supporting the RMT program is the main thing in realizing the vision and mission of RMT Undip. Thank you to all parties who have helped and contributed actively and we hope that this synergy and collaboration will continue.” he concluded.

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