Dharma Wanita Association (DWP) of Diponegoro University (Undip) held regular lectures with the theme “Mothers Who Can Lose Heaven” inviting Dr. H. Agus Siswanto (Lecturer of MM Program FEB, UAD Yogyakarta), Friday (30/12).

In her remarks, the Head of the DWP Undip, Asih Budiastuti Yos Johan Utama, said that this theme would discuss how to be a good mother and not lose heaven and how to be a good wife and not lose heaven.

“Thank you to the participants who attended, I hope that in the future DWP will be better, healthier, lively and more prosperous. Of course, the material presented by the resource person is expected to bring benefits and blessings to all of us,” said the Head of the DWP Undip.

In his material, Dr. Agus explained that the way to heaven is to obey Allah’s commands, stay away from His prohibitions, and be pleased with His decrees. “You can lose heaven if you are unable to have the right words, cannot motivate and inspire, as well as fail to become a murobbi (great educator) or become an obedient wife,” he explained.

“Children’s emotional intelligence must be built, one of which is with an attitude of generosity so that they have human values. While the greatest achievement of a righteous woman is being able to motivate and inspire her husband and produce pious and righteous children,” concluded Dr. Agus. (Lin – Public Relations)

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