Diponegoro University – Semarang. Another proud achievement was achieved by Diponegoro University (Undip) students. Samuel Miduk Anugrah Pasaribu, a student from Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Undip won a gold medal in the 2022 Tanoto Student Research Award (TSRA) competition at the Bandung Institute of Technology on May 10, 2022 to November 6, 2022.

Samuel together with his team mates, namely Patricia Quina Gita Naviri (UI), Dina Ferdinasari (ITB), Gilang Ramadhan (IPB), and Andi Alifsyah Dyasham (UB) won a gold medal by creating an innovation named TERANA (Teman Indra Indonesia), a package website-based learning media for deaf students. This learning package includes flashcards with attractive illustrations that can display videos when scanned, LKS (student worksheets), as well as a website equipped with voice recognition for deaf students.

“Praise God, I am very grateful and proud because I can bring the good name of Diponegoro University to collaborate and get the best award in this competition. The preparation process, both the effort and time that has been given in completing this innovation project, was not wasted and produced extraordinary results. We also thank Diponegoro University for the support and assistance in facilitating the process of preparing and completing administrative files and facilities provided during the competition.” said Samuel when contacted by the Undip PR team, Monday (06/03).

Samuel and the team prepared the innovation work for approximately 4 months. Samuel and the team faced various challenges during the preparation. “In this competition, it is necessary to prepare innovative ideas that will be carried out according to the right timeline considering that the work process was carried out online for 4 months with challenges from different regions, universities and study programs.” said Samuel.

Apart from winning a gold medal at the 2022 TSRA, Samuel has also won achievements in various competitions, namely becoming a Finalist for the UI/UX Design Competition in the 2022 ISFEST UMN, recipient of a 2021 Diponegoro University Student Research Grant, and Finalist Champion Award Essay of the 2021 UNDIP Engineering Study Forum. He also said that he would take part in the Student Entrepreneurship Program (PMW) in the next activity.

With the various achievements he has achieved, he advised Undip’s younger generation to always be enthusiastic and optimistic in achieving achievements both in the academic scope or other scopes. “Never be afraid to take risks and try new things. If you try and work hard, you will definitely achieve the desired result.” explained Samuel.

2022 TSRA is a student innovation competition that offers real solutions for society in an increasingly challenging and rapidly changing world. TSRA 2022 is implemented in the form of an interdisciplinary capstone design challenge. Students are required to collaborate with each other with backgrounds from state universities and different study programs in creating an innovative product prototype.

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