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SEU of the Faculty of Humanities UNDIP Facilitates Workshop on SEU’s Online EPT

2023 will be the 3rd year since the name SEU’s Online EPT (English Proficiency Test) was used as a type of English proficiency test administered by the SEU English service unit. In order to optimize services, on Friday, March 17, 2023 an online workshop was held regarding the test. Previously, SEU had also held several activities with a theme of Developing English Skills. The Workshop on SEU’s Online EPT 2023 was carried out with the aim that Diponegoro University students and the general public are increasingly familiar with the success tips of the test. The activity was promoted openly to students and the general public. It was opened by Deputy Dean 2 for Resources, Faculty of Humanities Undip, Drs. Suharyo, M.Hum. The workshop was lively with hundreds of participants attending.

The workshop event took place smoothly in a duration of 2.5 hours. Present as a speaker was Ari Prabowo, S.S. and Bondan Eko Suratno, S.S., M.Hum. who is a staff member of curriculum development at SEU. Each of them presented material in accordance with the section division of SEU’s Online EPT questions, namely: Listening, Structure, and Reading. On this occasion Bondan revealed, “This workshop activity will make it easier for students to work on SEU’s Online EPT questions”. Continuing what was conveyed by Bondan, Ari Prabowo as the speaker said, “The more diligent you practice, the test takers will be able to identify and avoid being distracted on the questions”. In addition to the presentation of the material from the speakers, the workshop participants also carried out a test simulation. Interestingly, the two participants with the highest scores were awarded door prizes by the committee. Hanna Levina, S.S. as the committee and MC of the workshop activities guide the course of the event with agility and enthusiasm. At the end of the session, the committee gave participants a circular feedback form so that it would later become an evaluation consideration for workshop activities. (RP)

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