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In Order to Support the Realization of SDGs, PT Freeport Indonesia Provided Grant to the Faculty of Engineering

Friday (28/4) – The Faculty of Engineering Undip received two electric motorcycles from Freeport Indonesia. This grant is part of Freeport Indonesia’s agenda to collaborate with educational institutions in introducing and developing environmentally friendly technologies. The symbolic awarding ceremony was held at the Dekanat Building 3rd floor.

Natalia Nauw, a representative from Freeport Indonesia, explained that this grant was a form of Freeport Indonesia’s commitment in supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in which case the Faculty of Engineering Undip was chosen as their partner. “Previously, the Faculty of Engineering had often made contact with Freeport. Freeport itself supports the realization of SDGs by providing grants in the form of electric motorcycles to reduce emission. Starting from there, the Faculty of Engineering gave us the proposal so that we agreed to provide the grant,” she said.

She hoped that from this grant, other institutions can be inspired to take part in providing the support for the development of environmentally friendly technologies to support the SDGs program. “This grant handover is an embryo that, in the future, can be reduplicated by other institutions to support the realization of SDGs.”

The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Ir. M. Agung Wibowo, M.M., M.Sc., Ph.D., welcomed the grant from Freeport Indonesia. For him, Freeport Indonesia’s mission in realizing the  SDGs, especially related to the development of sustainable technology is very much in line with the vision of the Faculty of Engineering and Diponegoro University as one of the environmentally friendly green campuses. “As an institution that is ranked 2nd in UI GreenMetric, we hope that in the future this cooperation can strengthen our vision in realizing environmentally friendly technologies,” he said.

He hoped, with this grant, the Faculty of Engineering would be able to open up cooperation in other fields with Freeport Indonesia in the future. “We hope that with this cooperation, it can be an embryo for other cooperation with Freeport Indonesia related to the development of environmentally friendly technology that is currently being developed at the Faculty of Engineering,” said Prof. Agung.

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